Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I [Designed] Wednesday: Jenny Was A Friend of Mine

Hi all! I'm so happy to be blogging again! I've been posting pictures of my collection on my social media outlets, but I have yet to discuss the collection as a whole and show a little bit more about my ideas that lead to the final looks!

Let's learn more about my collection, Jenny Was A Friend of Mine!

Jjenny was A Friend of mine

the inspiration:

Conceptually, this collection is inspired by a shattering of “human shells,” in a way that allows one to look beyond what is portrayed on a tough exterior and go deeper to understand what makes up the mental complexities of individuals. I mixed hard and soft fabrics layered through looks in a way that shows this juxtaposition. Also, I included textured fabrics and designed some broken silhouettes that were inspired by this idea.

Stylistically, the other half of my inspiration begins with a story loosely inspired by The Killers’ song of the same title. The song itself is about a man being accused of an involvement with Jenny’s murder/disappearance, and he pleads that he is innocent, saying Jenny was a friend of mine. It is never mentioned who Jenny is, and what really happened to her. She is portrayed as a helpless victim of a crime, but is Jenny really? I was intrigued by the idea of Jenny as an enigma, thus again, wanting to know more, and crack her shell. I see Jenny as a spy who has a knack for adapting in any situation she needs to be in to get the job done. Her assignments are mostly centered on wealthy communities where she blends in by wearing sophisticated outfits that convey her mysterious demeanor, quiet confidence, and inner strength. When given an assignment, she acquaints herself with the right people and uses them to get the information she needs. When she’s finished, she stuns the few people she met by faking her own death, often leaving men pleading for their innocence to the crime, stating, “Jenny was a friend of mine…” Having a strong, mysterious female character as a muse for this collection fits with the idea of wanting to crack a hard exterior and see the subtleties that lie within. From this half, I considered sophisticated design and mixed in strong line details with a dark and earthy color palette. I also styled my models with hats that toughens the looks, and allows them to hide, as spies should.

the collection:


These three looks represent where I would go with a full collection. I have more illustrations in my portfolio, but perhaps I'll save that for a different time! It has been a really fun experience to come up with a line from concept to construction that is cohesive and full. I think, overall, it was a great learning experience, and I'm definitely happy with the results! I'm really excited to do it all again with a new collection next semester!

I'm also excited to start blogging again! I'll be posting 3-4 days a week, hopefully!

I also plan to have more artistic photographs that convey the collection soon! :)
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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Special - We're Back

What a crazy year Elle and I have had since we stopped blogging. I've had amazing opportunities working in fashion, including a national scholarship win, a summer designing at Kohl's, and a current internship at QVC! I've met such great people and have learned a ton about the industry. Now, I'm currently working on my first senior collection at school, which will be presented in less than two week!

Because school is dying down, I feel I'll have enough time to get back into blogging and reconnect with our super fashionable friends! I plan on sharing and showing what I've learned from the past year and continue posting great content as we always have! I can't wait to show everyone what I've been working on! Look out for our relaunch in a couple of weeks!

Now, back to my fashion cave! :)

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trendy Tuesday - Militarism

If anyone knows me, they know I love everything structured and put together. Military inspiration is something I just can't get enough of! The fitted intricate coats and the gorgeous earthy tones will never go out of style and always promote a strong image.

Stylesight is my new favorite place to stop for trend pictures! They know how to get images together!


These images portray strength and a vibe that is very put together. But how can we look this way and still keep some cash in our pockets? Check out these pieces for all seasons that are exemplary of the military trend!



These items are classic, as well as interesting and scream military inspired! At these affordable prices, which ones would you incorporate into your wardrobe?

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Striped Outfits

Ah, I loved striped outfits! Check out these Polyvore looks I created for not much over $100 for the entire outfit!



Thrifty Thursday - Striped

I think a cute little dress with a blazer and booties goes a long way! You can't go wrong with these classic colors and a touch of fun with the cross headband! I also think the touch of stripes as a print pops against these solids.



Thrifty Thursday - Striped Mens

I love a monochrome outfit, and this one is really cozy and effortlessly chic in it's lack of color! I may have to pick up a few of these items myself! You can definitely wear white throughout all seasons!


How would you rock your stripes?

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trendy Tuesday - Stripes

From Michael Kors to Tommy Hilfiger, designers are drenching the next season in stripes! This classic pattern will never go out of style, and I love incorporating it with solids to add some contrast. Whether it is a popping color like orange or a classic black and white combo, it always works!

Tommy Hilfiger

Michael Kors


Here are a few striped items for all seasons!


So classically chic. Everything looks better in stripes!

[ Images courtesy of, StyleSight, ShopStyle ]
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Magazine Monday - Spotlighting NYLON October 2012


This month's Nylon issue is all about all things "IT!" I love this color featuring the stars of Perks of Being a Wallflower... I love a good triad! I think it's an interesting layout, but I do like more of a popping color on the cover! Anyway, let's page through, shall we?


These jeans of the month are amazing! Finger paint print jeans? Fun! I'm all about artsy craftsy prints, and these are super chic with that touch of cheek!

(Page 66)


I'm all about monochrome (see the jeans of the week), and lines and stripes really set it off! I love this little trend board with these effortlessly chic looks.

(Page 76)


This spread reminds me of a post I did a few weeks back! It was all about rich colors for the fall. I love the deepness of these shades and it isn't bad to rock them from head to toe! While I prefer a touch here and there, if you can pull it off, now is the time to try!

(Starting on page 96)


Speaking of rich colors, these are just crazy! I had to get post this picture of emerging English rapper, Roxxxan, for those amazing Missoni leggings! Zig zag prints may be a defining element in the brand, but I'm more interested in the fun cutout details in them! I love playing with sides of garments in a symmetrical manner, and I think these are really fun! Sorry, just a bit of design inspiration!


A spread all about wool? Sign me up! I love a great chunky sweater on a cold day, and these options really take it to the next level! Bold colors and interesting patterns really create more design on a simple sweater silhouette. I love these playful ideas on a frigid day... Let's be brighter than the snow this winter!

(Starts on page 162)


So who's rocking their rich bright colors this AW? Me!

[ Images courtesy of Nylon ]
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