Saturday, September 29, 2012

Celeb Saturday- Celebrity Style Twins

We have all admired the personal styles of celebrities.  And we either imitate the style of the one we love the best because we love her, or we love her because her style already resembles our own. Either way, we all have a celebrity style twin. 

Interestingly, many celebrities have style twins within their own A-list community.  No long-lost, separated-at-birth twins here! These ladies have twins living right down the avenue in LA!  Take a look at two of my favorite sets of celebrity style twins: 

1. Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow
Both of these ladies are tall, thin, statuesque beauties.  And both of them dress to accentuate this coveted body type.  Miranda and Gywneth prefer sexy, body-conscious silhouettes with a little bit of funk.  They both tend to keep their ensembles relatively simple, but not so simple that they sacrifice their edge. Blazers, cutouts, and cinched waists accent their staple styles- and legs up to their chins make these ladies a designer's dream. 





2. Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth
Rachel and Kate are both edgy fashionistas with some soft, girly qualities.  Although both of them prefer to build their outfits around harsh, structured pieces- they always accent a look with something soft- whether it be romantic hair, a sheer chiffon blouse, fringe, or some ruffles.  These ladies always succeed in creating outfits that are interesting to look at in this juxtaposition.  Their attitudes are cool and laid back, but they are take-charge ladies in the eyes of fashion!



Who is your celebrity style twin? And which set of these twins is your favorite?

Elle Michele
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Celeb Saturday - The Emmy's Best Dressed

I love a good Red Carpet and the Emmy's didn't disappoint! There were definitely more risks here that really paid off, and I couldn't be more excited about it! Here is my top 10 list from Sunday night's show!


10. Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhuillier

I love a risk, and I think orange is a really hard color to pull off, but Ginnifer did! I think the nude backing of the orange accents works well with her skin and it just looks fun! 

(I'm not just saying that because I watched season 1 of Once Upon a Time on Netflix in 2 days. ;) )

9. Amy Poehler in Stella McCartney

I don't remember her ever looking better! This sequin gown just hugs the body, and almost looks like it's melting off of her! It works! 

8. Jane Krakowski in Kaufmanfranco

Also crusted in beads/sequins, Jane looks great! I love how the sequins starts small at the top and gradually grow as the dress continues. It gives a gorgeous effect, and it too looks like liquid on her body!

7. Hayden Panettiere in Marchesa

When I first saw Hayden, I was unsure what I thought on this gown. But after I stared at it, I loved it! I love that idea, though... Something that's different can make you uncomfortable, and you're not sure if you like it or hate it; that usually means it's a good design! I think it's an interesting idea with the crinkled metallics peaking through a dark blue tulle. It's really interesting and pretty!

6. Julie Bowen in Monique Lhuillier

Of all of the bright colors of the night, Julie was my favorite! This dress is really classic with a little twist in the skirt and the pop of color. I saw some people were iffy about this one, but I love it! I think she looks modern and sophisticated! Work that chartreuse! ;)

5. Lucy Liu in Versace

I'm a sucker for metal and reflection, and I think Lucy looks amazing in this structured beauty! It's definitely a risk, some people will hate it, but I love how bright and futuristic it looks among a lot of classic dresses and silhouettes!

4. Emily VanCamp in J. Mendel

Instantly I fell in LOVE with the muddy color of this J. Mendel dress. I think it can definitely work on a lot of skin tones, and Emily is really rocking it. It's great for the body and the sheer effects layered in make it interesting while still being classic.

3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Vera Wang

I have a soft spot for Julia, and I think she looks really pretty in this gown! The sheer draped straps are really cool and this hugs her body in all of the right places!

2. Edie Falco in Stella McCartney

I'm in love with this dress, and Edie in it... Like a lot! I love the illusion on the side which makes you think how that dress is hugging her body like that without a side panel! Aha, it's there, it just blends perfectly with Edie's skin! The color looks great on her, and the belt takes it to a whole new level! Her hair, too, it is all flawless.

1. January Jones in Zac Posen

And the winner is, January! I love this dress! Black on a red carpet seems iffy to me, but I think that it really works here! She's popping off the page! The fun lines, the gorgeous shape, the sheer sophistication... It's really great.


A great red carpet, right? 

Who was your best dressed celebrity from Sunday?

[ Images courtesy of Harper's Bazaar ]
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Friday, September 28, 2012

Freaky Friday- Pierre Dal Corso Photography

Photography, whether specifically fashion photography or not, is artistic in a way that is so similar to the way fashion is artistic.  Photos capture a mood like an outfit or a designer's collection captures a mood.  Photos use color, texture, and layers to create something interesting to look at just like fashion does.  And when photography is specified for fashion, the two mediums compliment one another perfectly.

Pierre Dal Corso takes some fantastic conceptual fashion shots, but many of his images are not rooted in fashion.  His aesthetic is completely signature in it's haunting, thought-provoking, and moody complexity.  Corso uses black-and-white beautifully, as do many other photographers who embrace the weird and sometimes scary concepts- but his colored pictures are just as freaky as his black-and-whites.

Check them out:


Some of these would have no place in any traditional magazine, but they're all memorizing. The pictures that would disturb the masses are particularly interesting to me! I'd love to hear his thoughts as he's imagining the concept for a photo-shoot. Great artists like this have to be a little strange, but the oddities are what make the images great!

Photos via Pierre Dal Corso

What are your thoughts about photography like this?

Elle Michele
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Freaky Friday - Philip Treacy 2012

I love the idea of Philip Treacy's work and the gorgeous art pieces he creates centered around the head.

His latest designs paired old Michael Jackson costumes (from tours, videos, performances, etc.) and added his fun art pieces on top!

I'm not sure if I see a true cohesion with the art works (other than the inspiration of Michael Jackson, who I love), so I wouldn't call it a collection... But I would call it an amazing exhibition!

I love his use of all types of materials, from shiny to matte, and the gorgeous mix of architectural and organic shapes. They aren't practical, but they give us inspiration and ideas, no?



So cool! One of the finest milliners in the world! (Okay, maybe this post is just so we can say we've used milliner on our blog, whatever! ;) ) 

Which of his latest creations is your favorite?

[ Images courtesy of WWD ]
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thrifty Thursday- What I Want Paired With What I Have

When we're shopping for new clothes, it is really important that we consider what we already have in our closets.  We should shop for things that will make new, fresh outfits when combined with pieces we already own.  Shopping this way can help us wear things for years and years.  We can constantly reinvigorate our wardrobes by adding only a few new pieces each season.

 I like making wish-lists before I go on a shopping spree, and when I'm making my lists I always think about how I'd wear the things I want. I look through my closet and take a mental inventory of what I already have.  Then after understanding the trends for the season, I decide on which pieces I'd love to own that will work with what I already own.

Take a look at my shopping methodology in practice:

1. I Want
 A Military-Inspired Parka:
The Gap $98.00
I like this because it's neutral structured coat that will work with flowing dresses, jeans and a t-shirt, or slacks and a blouse.
And I'd Wear it With
This Funky Sheath Dress From my Closet:
  To complete the outfit I'd add some sheer black tights, black suede booties, and some bold, chunky jewelery.  The overall look would be cool-girl chic.

 2. I Want
A Fun Light-Weight Sweater:
ASOS $38.95
This sweater is perfect for layering, and the graphic is so much fun!
And I'd Wear it With
 This Lace A-Line Skirt From my Closet:
 I'd tuck the sweater into this skirt and wear some cozy, textured black tights underneath.  I'd complete the look with some ladylike flats, a satchel, and a cream-colored headband.  The overall effect would be ladylike with some youth. 

3. I Want
Some Leather-Look Pants:
 Urban Outfitters-$68.00
These are a classic rock-star essential, but they've been revitalized in fashion lately.  I love them worn casually to give the t-shirts and jeans look some pizazz.
And I'd Wear Them With
This Sheer High-Low T-Shirt from my Closet:
 I'd wear this t-shirt loose to provide some slouchy contrast to the tight-fitting pants. I'd accessorize with some cool sneakers and spiked jewelry for a casual ensemble with some edge.

How are you refreshing your wardrobe this season? What do you think about how I'm refreshing mine?
Elle Michele
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