Saturday, June 30, 2012

Celeb Saturday - Pre-Wimbledon Party

It's Saturday on Anthony & Elle, and it's all about celebrity fashion! Since I'm an avid tennis watcher (It's Wimbledon season, guys!) I had to highlight to great fashion at the Pre-Wimbledon Party!

It's always pleasing to see athletes look rough on the field and then clean up afterward and show their true fashion potential! It's especially pleasing to watch the most fashionable sports' transformations! (I mean, you do always see Anna Wintour in Roger Federer's box section!)

So what did the ladies of tennis wear to the party?

The best dressed goes to the two finalists from last year's Wimbledon!

World No. 1 Maria Sharapova

This dress is GORG! I love all of the bead work, the color, the hair and makeup.. Maria looks amazing! She also made an uneven hemline work for me, and that's hard to do! She looks flawless, and like the No. 1 player in the world!

World No. 4 Petra Kvitova

Petra looks curvy and stunning in this red draped dress! She has such an effortless look; the relaxed hair, the soft falling dress, the natural make up. It all works, and she looked picture perfect for the party!

With both of these ladies still in the game and on the opposites sides of the draw, we may see this fashion face off play out on the Wimbledon court!

Also in attendance:

The Williams Sisters

I'm not completely sold, but I love Venus' dress!

Caroline Wozniacki

Love that neck line and one shoulder!

Elena Vesnina

Such a pretty color!

Li Na

Awkward pose but really interesting dress! I want some metallics! LOVE!

Okay guys, brace yourselves for the worst dressed.. Seriously though?

Vania King

Again, seriously???? First off, Wimbledon is such a regal affair; it's tennis' most respected title! She really showed up in white jeans, an ugly see through top, a horrid scarf, and skippies? This is so awful, I'm kind of embarrassed for her. She definitely needs to step it up. I know you're an athlete, girl, but.. try a little harder next time?

Be sure to tune in for the 2nd week of Wimbledon and see these ladies out of the dresses and onto the courts! Luckily, they have coverage on ESPN3 and Wimbledon, for us online nerds!


[ Images courtesy of GWN7 and TooFab ]
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Freaky Friday-Sharon Needles and Runway Goth

When I discovered Rupaul's Drag Race-I was introduced to a whole new world of fabulous over-the-top fashion.  And this season's winner Sharon Needles has become my new obsession.  Her personal style is nothing like my own.  However her fierce, high-fashion, avaunt-guard, and very FREAKY look is intriguing and interesting to me.   Sharon's style is gutsy and aesthetically inspirational- and I can't take my eyes away from it or from her. Remember- none of the photos to come belong to me!

Sharon Needles on the Red Carpet:

Embodying the essence of a couture Cruella De-ville, Sharon works her signature black .

This red-carpet look is reminiscent of the ensemble Sharon wore when we were introduced to her on the show.  In this geometric and body-conscious dress and witch's hat, Sharon makes a Halloween costume look runway-ready!

Sharon Needles Editorial Shots:

This shot is scary! But the styling is top-notch. In this photo, Sharon is the fiercest Horror-Movie Villain I have ever seen!

Black-and-white are surely Sharon's favorite colors. But in this dress with dramatic ruffles and sporting a red lip-Miss Needles makes Goth look glamorous.

This look is evocative of the 80's.  Perhaps even evocative of Madonna (if Madonna was a darkly romantic drag queen). 

Sharon Needles on Rupaul's Drag Race:
 This was my favorite look Sharon showed on the runway this season.  The sheer nude dress is right on trend, but the leather accents and alien-esque hair make the look distinctly Sharon.

Want more of Sharon's look?  Take a look at some Goth on the fashion runways.  Sharon Needles isn't just a Drag Queen with a dramatic gothic flair-she's a true fashionista!

Versace - Fall 2012

Quainthood - At the Audi Fashion Festival 2012

I might have a girly/funky personal style, but Sharon Needle's dramatic goth style is purely inspirational and I can't help but admire it!  Don't you agree?

Elle Michele

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Freaky Friday - Celestial Menswear

Today is Freaky Friday on Anthony & Elle, and we're highlighting what is weird and quirky about fashion, but what makes it interesting and evolve so quickly!
I'm highlighting a couple of shows from the menswear season that are fun, strange, quirky, and cool!
In Milan, Etro produced an eclectic mix of colors and turbans that give the collection a very gyspy traveler feel that I find inspiring! It makes me want to take a trip to the Mediterrean and roam around carelessly, following the stars? Okay, maybe not literally, but that's what's running through my head! The patterns mixed with the solids compliment each other so well, and the darks and lights in this collection are completely traveling circus/gypsy inspired. I would love to try some of these lighter weight fabrics, which I never do! So... who wants to go to the psychic later?

In Paris, Walter Van Beirendonck showed one of the wackier collections this season! The hats may be a little much, but the show has a bunch of interesting garments that I would love to incorporate into my wardrobe. It's definitely a little mad hatter, Alice in Wonderland, but who doesn't love that? Mix in some harness belts made of ropes, and we've got a party! Again, the bright colors are cool and the bold prints work well with the subtle solids. Mixing a little weird with your normal wardrobe can really take things to a new level and evolve what you're personally doing with your style!
**Having technical difficulties with my current (traveling) computer situation, I'll post pictures later!**
These collections are quirky and dreamy, and I find them weird enough to be considered for Freaky Friday! Be inspired by different! You're supposed to get weird on Fridays, right?
[ Images courtesy of STYLE.COM ]
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - H&M and DIY

This Thrifty Thursday has been a few days in the making! I've been obsessed with playing with dip dyeing ever since my post on Tuesday!

I've headed to a few H&M stores this week, mostly because they're having great sales! I found a few fun items that I can't wait to wear!

These shorts caught my eye upon entering H&M because of their interesting quality. The label says it is 100% cotton, but they are a plastic coated dark denim that add something really special. The best part of these shorts? They were $9.95 at normal price!

I've been dying for some mustard pants, and H&M had a great pair that fit great and will work with a ton of tops! They also work great for a day look, but can definitely be made into a fun evening look! These were $29.95, but of course I had a 20% off coupon, as well! Sign up with your email on H&M for great offers!

Along with these bottoms, I bought a bunch of plain shirts and dye for dip dyeing! I don't want to show you the results for a bit, but it has been so much fun!

Michael's has cheap T-Shirts for $2.50 each this week!
And H&M has more fitted options starting at $5.95!

Rit dye is pretty reasonably priced, and works great in a metal sink! I've been playing before work daily and can't get enough! Filling the sink with about 1-2 gallons of water and mixing with about 1/2 of the dye package with a bit of salt has been successful. Wet the fabric before dipping it in the bath and you can dip whichever parts you want to dye and experiment! Dipping for a few seconds will get a little base coat, and leaving it in for longer will get a darker/stronger color. You can play with different colors and ombre effects with one; so many ways to work it! I can't wait to play some more!

I'll end this post with my prize purchase from ASOS! I am DYING for this watch to arrive because it's sooo dreamy! It's so simple and fabulous and I'm way too excited about it!

Now that that's said; how would you work these items into your wardrobe??


[ Images courtesy of A.Carmen and ASOS ]
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Thrifty Thursday- Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters

This Thursday I have some great items to show you that I recently purchased on sale at Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters. Banana Republic is a great store for tailored basics, and pieces at Urban Outfitters gives some personality to an outfit.  The pieces I purchased will serve both purposes. Some will prove to be neutral basics in my wardrobe and some will give an ordinary outfit some pizazz. 

Take a look:

Banana Republic Factory Store
Pleated tank with silver hardware detailing
I'll wear this top tucked into a slim skirt or printed skinny jeans.

Urban Outfitters Online
Distressed muscle tee
This top will be perfect for a festival. I'll be wearing it to a Blues Festival next weekend. It looks relaxed and a little rock-and-roll.

Urban Outfitters Online
Floral Print Sweatshirt with Cutouts
This is my favorite recent purchase.  I'll wear this on cool nights this summer over a maxi dress or a midi skirt.  It's a sweat shirt, but the cutouts make it look different than any pullover sweatshirt I've ever seen. I bought it a size bigger than I usually wear so it looks relaxed and over-sized.

Urban Outfitters Online
Floral Print Lace-Up Sneakers
I have flat feet and bunions (one repaired, one not), so I can't wear heels.  I'm constantly searching for cute flat shoes.  These are great because of the right-on-trend floral print. I have some outfits planned that incorporate these. I'll wear them with a semi-dressy ensemble to give the look a downtown chic aesthetic.

Banana Republic Factory Store
Slim-Cut Trouser Shorts
These are the perfect shorts.  They'll be a neutral staple in my wardrobe.  The cut is slim through the hips but they don't squeeze my thighs. 

Urban Outfitters Online
 Mustard Mini-Skirt with Side Gathering
Stay tuned for a post with me wearing an outfit that includes this piece! The post will be next Wednesday, when "What I Want Wednesday" changes to "What I Wore Wednesday". Anthony and I will both have some great outfits to show you!

Now take a look at where I'll store my new items and where I'll find the outfits that incorporate them and accessories to accent them:

My closet!
I love my closet because it's a huge walk-in, but somehow with all this space and two dressers, I still don't have enough room for all my clothes! 

And here are some of my beautiful pieces of jewelery. I collect jewelry and much of what I collect is precious metal and genuine gemstone. I find a lot of it online in Etsy stores, at festivals, and flea markets. I also have tons of gorgeous family heirlooms that were boxed up and kept hidden for too long! Now I show them off when ever I can and have breathed new life into those antiques!

  I think that Thrifty Thursday has become one of my favorite days of the week! I love shopping and thinking about how I'll wear what I bought.  Which piece is your favorite? And what would you wear with it?

Elle Michele
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I Want Wednesday- COLOR!

I hope that this color trend never wanes, because what I want this Wednesday is color, color, color! I love that we now have the freedom to mix unexpected colors together, and no bright is too bright.  I love that accessories don't have to match an outfit.  I love that monochromatic in today's fashion doesn't mean wearing the same color head-to-toe, but instead means wearing different shades of the same color together-giving an interesting watercolor effect. So give me color blocking, give me floral prints, and give me neon! I want it all! 

Check it out! I want:

 A floral bustier
goJane- $28.80

A high-low skirt in a pretty color
Forever 21-$22.80

 A Flowy Maxi Dress in a Bright Print

Some Cobalt Spiked Flats

A Denim Blouse
Victoria's Secret-$59.50

A Multi-Print Fabric Cuff
Etsy Online Shop "Jalmodovar"-$16.00

And a Raw Amethyst Long Necklace
Etsy Online Shop "The Little Happy Goose"- $35.00

With color, anything goes! Just make sure that when you're styling an outfit you mix in a neutral or two somewhere-maybe with your shoes or accessories.  We don't want to overwhelm the admirers of our outfits! 

I could style these pieces together or separately. For example, mixing two of these pieces together, I could wear the denim blouse over the printed maxi dress for a breezy summer night. Or I could wear the floral bustier with the high-low skirt (as long as the waistband sits above the bellybutton-I don't want to show too much tummy) and the multi-print fabric cuff for a night out.  The options are endless with these colorful and affordable pieces.

So, which piece is your favorite? And how would you style it?  Have fun!

Elle Michele

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What I Want Wednesday - Exploring Topman

So, has anybody guessed what Wednesday is?

This week, it’s What I WANT Wednesday! A nice post on what we’re dying to buy, or what we’re really inspired by!

I recently stumbled upon Topman’s Spring Summer Lookbook 2012 and thought the pictures were really cool and interesting and presented great day looks!

I loved all of the fun patterns mixed with solid pants. I’m definitely not into full patterned looks for men, because I think there needs to be something to break it up for you to really appreciate the print on it’s own. If it becomes too busy, it becomes way too distracting and gimmicky! Women, however, can totally get away with that!

These prints have a fun vibe, while still being masculine and relatable to the menswear market!

I also loved this short suit; very inspired by the 1950’s boy short suits! I think it’s a confident and chic look while still maintaining a professional side. I don’t know if there will ever be a day where shorts are acceptable in the office, but why not? It’s summer, after all!

Here are some items that relate to this conversation and are reasonably affordable:

Navy Check Skinny Blazer - $220

[paired with] Navy Check Tailored Shorts - $80

Multi-Patterned Scoop T-Shirt - $36

Black Acid Wash Shorts - $60

Multi Sublimation Kaleidoscope T-Shirt - $44

Peach Oxford Tailored Shorts - $70

I encourage you to look around Topman’s website, especially at their frequent ½ Price Sales! I love them for their affordability, range in size, deals, and fast shipping! Of course, for the ladies, there is Topshop! [ But watch out for their next counterfeit lawsuit! ;) ]

That’s what I want for the summer! What about you, Elle??

Next week, What I Want Wednesday may change, stay tuned! ;)


[ Images courtesy of TOPMAN ]

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Twofer Tuesday - Alice & Olivia

This beautiful outfit is from Alice & Olivia's Resort 2012 collection. The sheer, neutral color-blocked top provides the perfect foundation for building the outfit. The magenta shorts give the look a pop of color and the big floppy hat reminds us of a relaxed vacation in the sun. But the ensemble isn't so relaxed and casual that it looks messy- the heels and accessories give it some edge.

Fabulous as this is, who among us can afford a designer outfit straight off the runway? Certainly not me (although I wish I could)! So take a look at these much cheaper, but still adorable alternatives that add up to a similar look:

For the top, try this:
Forever 21-Colorblocked tulip-back top

Or this:
Urban Outfitters- Plastic Island Crepe Contrast Sleeveless Top

For the shorts, try these: Flare shorts in purple

Get your hands on these heels: "Delicious Boatie" Patent Open Toe Sandal

And this hat:
Nine West at Macy's- Packable Straw Super-Floppy Hat in Black

And these accessories from Forever 21:
Geo cutout necklace in silver
Shimmering Bracelet set
Square Sunglasses

See girls-even if we can't afford a designer outfit, we can certainly make it look like we can!

Elle Michele

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