Friday, August 31, 2012

Freaky Friday - Glam Rock Fashion Is Back

I love the ideals behind Glam Rock fashion and I love me some David Bowie! The androgyny that signifies male Glam Rock singers of the 70's/80's translates so interestingly to modern women's apparel, and it is becoming ever present!

Stylesight highlighted this awesome trend with gorgeous picks and pictures, and I had to share!

Take, for instance, this awesome spread with Kate Moss on the cover of Paris Vogue! She's obviously having a David Bowie moment, and isn't it awesomely cool?

We couldn't discuss this trend without a David Bowie moment, right? Isn't that Kansai Yamamoto costume amazing?? I'm all about fashion as art ::: we just draw inspiration from that art into our own street style!

Like these awesomely chic street snaps!

I recommend clicking the picture to get a better look!

Prints and textiles enhance this trend!

And accessories are always important!


This trend is popping up everywhere, but an example that I really love is the Alexander McQueen 2013 Resort collection! It's a definite modern take on this fashion movement, but it's really stunning!

Super strong, metallics, slim fitting, and androgynous! All of the good makings of a Glam Rock inspired look!


What do you think of this trend? Will you incorporate it into your style?

I say, it's always fun to play! ;)

[ Images courtesy of Stylesight and ]
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Freaky Friday - SEX Appeal

The word "freak" has many different meanings.  It can mean scary, weird, edgy, different- or it can be used to describe a woman's (or man's) sex appeal. We've all heard the word used this way, and it's usually used in a racy context- describing the way a woman displays her sex appeal in the bedroom.  I think that we can stretch this particular meaning of the "freak" and use it to examine the way women express their individual sexuality through clothing.

We'll look at some of my favorite bloggers, some of my favorite celebrities, and then we'll end by looking at my somewhat subdued sexiness.  I admire that sassy confidence other women exude through their clothing choices and their attitudes, and I hope that I can use this inspiration to embrace my inner sex kitten!

 Blogger Sexy:
 A Keene Sense of Style

The Fashion Column

 Fashionably Broke

Some of my favorite bloggers look undoubtedly sexy flashing some leg this summer in silhouettes that aren't skin tight, but still outline the female form.  Each girl looks sexy in a different way- from red-lipped vixen, to laid-back girly.  Both men and women would agree that these three are freakishly beautiful and individually sexy.

Celebrity Sexy:

 Kate Bosworth

 Selena Gomez

With the help of stylists and designers, celebrities spend time and money developing a perfect personal style.  All three of my celebrity fashionistas have found a version of "sexy" that fits within their established personal style.  All three show hints of skin in one area, while keeping the other areas of the body covered- making their looks sexy but not skanky. From Rihanna's flashy in-your-face sexuality, to Selena's young- and-fresh hint of sexiness- we see how sex appeal can be expressed within any woman's personality.

My Sexy:
See these full outfit posts here, here, and here (from left to right)

I've never thought of myself as particularly sexy.  I feel dorky and clumsy- and because of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome my body acts like the body of an elderly person.  However, I do like to show a flash of skin when I'm going out at night (when I'm feeling especially sassy).  Despite my physical impairments, I have an individual sort of sex appeal- as does every woman!

Embrace it, ladies!

How do you express your sexuality through your ensembles? And which sexy look out of the above looks is your favorite?

Elle Michele
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Special Post - Links a la Mode August 30th

Summer Lovin’ Fades to Fall

Edited by: Jess of Fresh Jess

With IFBcon, Fashion’s Night Out and NYFW kicking off next week, it’s clear the first signs of fall in the air. The mornings and nights are a little crisper, and the shelves are stocked with September issues. This week’s Links a la Mode shows a wide range of emotions about the transition to fall. While some are welcoming the season with open arms, others are squeezing every little bit out of their summer wardrobe. The conversation around body image is still strong, as well as that over copyright and content ownership. We have all that and more in this week’s roundup, and next week at IFBcon! Hope to see you all there.


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Thrifty Thursday - A Look For Fall

As I said yesterday, I would give you a little more information on what I was wearing!

Surprise, I went on ASOS and starting buying things again! I just can't pass up a good sale!

Last week, ASOS was having a 20% off sale for their new lines, and I couldn't pass up some of the options! I picked up a few and realized they go really well together.

This is the denim shirt that I was wearing yesterday! I love it a lot! It fits well and it's perfectly blue denim!

I've been craving some brogues recently, and I'm really excited about this pair! They're just good looking! Not the most comfortable, but I'll break them in! :)

How could I pass up $3 glasses? I wear prescription glasses every now and then, but I like the look of "fake" eyeglasses because the lenses on my real glasses make my eyes look smaller than they are; these non prescription lenses, of course, do not. I'll keep them!

I'm glad to see all of these options are still on ASOS in every size! Go pick them up!

Remember to follow me on Twitter! When I see a good deal - I tweet it!

[ Images courtesy of ASOS ]
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday- Two Outfits, One Bag

Rarely do I build an outfit around an accessory. Usually I'm inspired by a recent top or sweater purchase, perhaps by a cool pair of pants. This week however, I was inspired to build TWO outfits around an accessory-and you'll see why.

The satchel that inspired my outfits is versatile and chic- easily transitioning from everyday casual to nighttime sassy. Since my life (and the life of almost every woman I know) has occasion for both sorts of outfits, owning a handbag that saves me the time it takes to switch the contents of my purse from day bag to night clutch is invaluable.

As is the case almost every week, I created a funky nighttime party look and a casual relaxed daytime look. The two looks don't use the same color palate, but both are complimented by my beloved neutral color block satchel. Which look is your favorite?

Look One:

Tank- Banana Republic
Vest- Forever 21
Shorts- Urban Outfitters
Tights -CVS
Ring- Festival Find
Bag- C/O Pixie Mood

Look Two:

Sweater- Express
Tank- Victoria's Secret
Pants- Forever 21
Earrings- BonTon
Necklace- Festival Find
Bag- C/O Pixie Mood

If you love my bag as much as I do, learn more about the wonderful company that made it in my recent feature post here.

Elle Michele
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What I Wore Wednesday - Denim

I like doing these posts while actually wearing the outfit I'm posting as we speak! It's a true "What I Wore (or what I'm wearing) Wednesday!"

It's all about denim today!

I love blue denim tops these days - especially if they are cut right and fit perfectly like this one I got from ASOS! I thought my red Carbon pants would be a good pairing with this to brighten up the look. And ASOS light brown brogue shoes just work with both of these colors! Just another day at fashion school, today!

I'll fill you in on some of these pieces in tomorrow's post because I recently got them! ;)

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Twofer Tuesday - 60s Inspiration for Fall

Decade inspirations are constantly in and out of fashion. 60s fashion, in particular, is always relevant and modernly interpreted with each season. AW12/13 has a new interpreted revival with 60s classic cuts, prints, and style!

It's so easy to draw inspiration from the 60s! Remember when Elle discussed retro magazine covers? Gorgeous!

"From swirly lava-lamp-esque prints to Missoni zig-zags, bright paisleys, and flower power prints" - StyleSight

"A-line skirts that hold their shape...Patch pockets or buckles for 1960s retro appeal" - StyleSight

"Mod-influenced looks draw from early 60s London / Boyish tailored looks...Theboxy coat is a key item / Contrast elements like piping, waistband or collar" - StyleSight

"Updated by clean, bold colors / Slim silhouettes / Double breasted suiting is essential / Patterned silks and cotton as well as shaved velvets and lightweight brocade" - StyleSight

While these trends are gorgeous, the looks from StyleSight aren't exactly affordable for everyone! Lucky for you, it's Twofer Tuesday and I've researched some great alternatives at a good price!

Are you excited about these modern 60's inspired pieces? Which one will you be picking up??

[ Images courtesy of StyleSight, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Topman ]
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