Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Twofer Tuesday- Golden Goddess, Fall Trend Alert!

Gold clothing is by no means a new idea for the Fall 2012 season. It was an extremely popular choice for full- length evening gowns in the 1970's, actually. Trends are almost always recycled. However, for this season we see gold clothing in interesting silhouettes like close-fitting low-cut maxi dresses, and in many different shades- from shiny and dramatic, to muted and matte.

On the runway we saw tons of gold for the upcoming season, and all of the looks were dramatic. But for the real girls on the street, we can mix a shiny gold piece with more muted and understated pieces for a fashion-forward, eye-catching, yet completely wearable look. Check out the runway inspiration and real-world affordable gold pieces I've found for you!

On The Runway:
Elie Saab

Alice & Olivia


Get The Look:
American Apparel- Gold Dress ($75.00)

UrbanOG- Gold Studded Loafers($29.20)

ASOS- Gold Snake-Print Skirt ($66.28)

Forever 21- Gold Top ($17.80)

SheInside.com- Loose Gold Sweater with Sequins ($55.00)

Charlotte Russe- Gold Metallic Legging ($14.99)

2020ave- Golden Woven Shorts ($22.00)

So, do you think you'll mix some gold into your everyday look? I know I will!

Elle Michele
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Magazine Monday- Retro Magazine Covers

There was something about women in the 60s and 70s that made them seem so effortlessly glamorous, so carelessly decadent.  The ladies on the covers of magazines during these decades were never trying too hard to look sexy, or confident, or innocent, or however they were looking. They just WERE sexy, or confident, or innocent.  

I think that maybe the women in fashion during these times (and women in general for that matter) were being liberated, and this is why they appeared so casually beautiful.  Women were finally allowed to be who they really were, without so many stipulations. This translated to the fashion industry. The top models were finally more than clothes hangers, they were women with names at the very top of the industry. And they looked the part:

Which retro fashion magazine cover is your favorite? I truly can't chose! They're all so beautiful-and through imagery, set an example of liberated femininity that we should continue to cherish.

Elle Michele
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Magazine Monday - Men's Summer Style with Complex

Complex Magazine is a great place for young men's fashion. I came across a recent article with 12 different personalities style tips for the summer! I thought it was great to take different perspectives on style and combine them all to create your own!


Michael Bastian

"Summer dressing is all about how little you can wear and still look pulled together."

That's exactly right! He recommends a dress shirt with shorts, dress shoes, and a great pair of sunglasses! I think it's a classic and chic look for the summer - maybe a little stuffy, but it still looks good!

Tommy Ton of Jak and Jil

"Summer dressing is really about stripping down to just the basics."

This is completely my mentality! I try to keep it simple and pump it up with either patterns or colors. Ton recommends nicely cut shorts with a semi-fitted t-shirt, and sunglasses for attitude! He also doesn't approve of sandals or flip-flops - and neither do I!

Matthew Henson (Complex Market Editor)

"Keep it simple, and pay attention to the details."

Henson says there is no need to to wear a blazer when it's 90 degrees... And obviously I agree! Let's be real; we need to be comfortable and sweat is never a good look! Be comfortable and cool - and then you're set! He recommends a plaid or lightweight oxford shirt with khakis or jeans. Sneakers or simple light shoes are great to pair with it. It's all about being relaxed!

Nick Wooster, JCPenney Creative Director

"Any trimmer, shorter, slimmer bathing suit makes every body type look better on the beach."

Wooster recommends a trim and tailored bathing suit with a clean waist and a slim leg opening. Elastic waistbands are a definite no-no and can be unforgiving. Fun patterns and colors are perfect for the beach! Fun, summery, and makes your body look better? Nice!


You can check out more tips on Complex's website! And other great tips for men's style!

What tips do you have/love for the rest of the summer?

[ Images courtesy of Complex Magazine ]
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Special Post - Links a la Mode July 27th

We're so excited to be included in this week's IFB Links a la Mode! Check out Christina's great DIY article and the other great posts in the links below!


Edited by: Emily of Sugar & Spice

It’s strange to think that while here in the UK we’re finally basking in a little sunshine, some places are entering Autumn (Fall!) and Winter. This week’s posts reflect the two hemispheres with posts on Fall trends and beach essentials. What a better time to be experiencing a little of summer in the UK as we welcome the Olympics to London this week! And did you know it’s the 66th birthday of the bikini? Plus, whether you’re shopping the sales this week or shopping away the blues, there’s a guide for you here:


  1. A Minor Obsession: How to wear brocade
  2. Anthony & Elle: DIY glitter shoes
  3. Bespoke Baroque: How one item can begin to change your life
  4. Best Of Bklyn: 5 things to do in 5 minutes to look 5 times better
  5. Chic Black Chick: How to wear the Fall trends
  6. Classic Glam Blog: DIY Nautical Knot Rope Necklace
  7. Crisis in Denim: Retail Therapy
  8. Elegant Idiosyncrasy: A close-up look at styling a shoot
  9. The Fashionistyle: Celebrating 66 years of the bikini
  10. Fashion-opolis: The Art of Sale Shopping
  11. Favor the Brave: Embracing simplicity
  12. Girl in Betsey: Summer pieces and how to wear them in the Fall
  13. Life.Style.Flash: A few honest thoughts on blogging
  14. Madly Chic: An Interview with Project Runway contestant Joshua Christensen
  15. Pish Posh Perfect: 10 Essentials for the Beach
  16. Room 334: Some personal rules for blogging
  17. Soffs Blog: The Swinging Sixties
  18. South x Style: Five cheap ways to upgrade your look
  19. Style Chain: The Formula to the Perfect Arm Party
  20. The Style Confessions: How to shop successfully for clothes


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Thanks Emily!


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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Celeb Saturday- Top 10 Models of the Moment

I found a list of the top models of the present on models.com, and I don't think a lot of introductory text is necessary. These gorgeous ladies displayed in artistic editorial spreads and ad campaigns don't need a lot of description. Some people say that modeling (and admiring models and the pictures they pose for) is vain and frivolous. I however, think that their beauty and artistic inclinations are admirable and perfect for Celeb Saturday. 

The end. Here's the count-down:

Miranda Kerr
 Numero Tokyo

  Saskia de Brauw
 Campaign for Karl Lagerfeld

  Sigrid Agren
 Vogue Paris

 Daphne Groeneveld

 Vogue Russia

 Daria Strokous
 Campaign for Dior Cosmetics

Arizona Muse
Vogue China

Sasha Pivovarova
Vogue Paris

Karlie Kloss
American Vogue

Joan Smalls
American Vogue

Lara Stone
Vogue Netherlands

Who is your favorite top model?

Elle Michele
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Celeb Saturday - Lady Gaga Style Evolution

This post could go on for pages - there are so many great fashion moments from my favorite, Lady Gaga! Her style has changed throughout the years, but it has always remained edgy, fun, interesting, and entertaining! Remember these moments on this Celeb Saturday! Do you see the changes?

This is how I remember Gaga, crystals hanging from her dress, bubbles around her neck, and hair bows in on her head!

Who doesn't love PVC? Especially when meeting the Queen?

A golden feathered neck brace over a Gaultier dress? Amazing.

I love how conceptual she is.

Head to toe houndstooth!

Gorgeous Alexander McQueen

I love this dress so much. The perfect tiered elegance costume?

Here comes the sun...

I love structure, geometry, and chevrons... A lot!

How amazing is that dress? It's really stunning.

Did you know this dress was from a student designer? Rebecca Short! Lucky girl.

I think her fashion evolution has been really progressive and really cool. She started out with a lot of self (or friend) made outfits and concepts - but now is able to use designer fashions (mixed with her own ideas) and come up with new concepts on how to add her quirk to it. I hope she never loses her costume-esque ways and always continues to push fashion to new levels and gives people inspiration on how to be unique with clothing.

I leave you with my favorite Gaga performance of all time - FLAWLESS :

What are your favorite Lady Gaga fashion moments? What do you think of her fashion evolution?

[ Images courtesy of Grazia UK and InStyle UK ]
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Freaky Friday - Rosemary's Baby

I'm a huge fan of old films - especially horror films! When I thought about a good freaky Friday post, I wanted to incorporate my love of horror films into it! What fits the mold better than Rosemary's Baby? I LOVE this film!

Mia Farrow is stunning in this movie. And of course, she really put pixie cuts on the map with this one! (Which I love!) Check out the trailer from 1968!

That neckline and those pants are AMAZING!! Making a complete one color look so chic.
The devil is made!

What a perfectly colored (and eerie) scene!

These still are so beautiful, and I love Roman Polanski's direction and imagery throughout the film. It's just gorgeous to watch with an awesomely devilish plot!

I LOVE Freaky Friday!


Ooh, and check out this awesome analysis of the movie from a great blog, Clothes on Film!

Also, if you're into film or philosophy, check out my friend Art's smart blog, A Better Whirlpool!


What's your favorite old horror film? And send us stills of any fashionable moments in them!

Happy Birthday shout out to my mom! So fitting because from my parents, I grew my love of all things horror!

[ Images courtesy of YouTube , ClothesOnFilm , Rosemary's Baby ]
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