Saturday, June 23, 2012

Anthony & Elle

Hey everyone! I'm going to be launching a new blog with my friend Elle Michele!

Anthony & Elle will be a collaborative blog that gives insight into all aspects of the fashion industry. With my fashion school expertise and Elle's great taste and style, we hope to provide great posts on what's happening in the fashion industry and how it can inspire and be interpreted in our daily lives!

We're working out the flow, but we'll have special topics every day that each of us will post on! We will be catering to both sexes and hopefully providing well rounded information on the latest, greatest, and most interesting topics in fashion!

We're starting Monday with Magazine Monday; so don't forget to check us out!

For now, you can contact us at our email addresses:

Or my twitter:

We can't wait for this, and we hope everyone enjoys! Talk to you soon!

Remember; !

Anthony Carmen
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