Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meet Anthony Carmen!


My name is Anthony! Some might know me from my other blog, Anthony Carmen, which I sometimes run when I have time! I began it to chronicle the journey of teaching myself how to sew to prepare myself for Fashion School! See, I’m a Biology BS graduate, but I moved to Philly right after graduation to follow my true passion for fashion! While I work full time in Pharmaceuticals, I also go to school part time, which leaves me constantly busy. This summer, however, I have no classes/internships to occupy me, so it’s time to hone my craft and study real world fashion while meeting and communicating with those interested in the same things! I’m currently going into my 3rd part time year at PhilaU and loving it! Things sure have changed from the beginning of my blog life until now, and I can’t wait to share with everybody the great things I find and the insight I have into making the best and fiercest fashion choices! We want to inspire you guys daily and can’t wait to post a bunch of things that we hope you find interesting. We can’t wait for your feedback, as this will be an open forum for us to teach, as well as learn! Pretty much, we just want to have fun and post things about fashion that we love, and hope that you will love too! The great thing about collaborative blogs is we have different perspectives and can find interesting things based on our separate interests!

I'm interested in women's and menswear, (casual, primarily!) I tend to have a taste for fit and structure, but those things change everyday! Patterns and the proper use of color really draw me in, and inspire what I'm doing with my own work! As far as my designs, I'm currently working on summer dresses filled with bold floral patterns. I'm just getting around to the idea of actually sewing them; I'll try to find the time!

Elle and I have been besties for years, and she mentioned this (out of the blue) less than a week ago, and I set it all up for us! I couldn’t be more excited and I have no doubt that I will have to keep up with her fab posts! I can’t wait to openly discuss our posts with everyone else!

We’ve decided to organize this blog so we are able to cover all of the areas we wish to in a structured manner!

Let’s keep it a surprise each day, until they catch on!

For now, get ready! Magazine Monday starts tomorrow! We can’t wait!

Wait, most importantly? Who are you??


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