Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - H&M and DIY

This Thrifty Thursday has been a few days in the making! I've been obsessed with playing with dip dyeing ever since my post on Tuesday!

I've headed to a few H&M stores this week, mostly because they're having great sales! I found a few fun items that I can't wait to wear!

These shorts caught my eye upon entering H&M because of their interesting quality. The label says it is 100% cotton, but they are a plastic coated dark denim that add something really special. The best part of these shorts? They were $9.95 at normal price!

I've been dying for some mustard pants, and H&M had a great pair that fit great and will work with a ton of tops! They also work great for a day look, but can definitely be made into a fun evening look! These were $29.95, but of course I had a 20% off coupon, as well! Sign up with your email on H&M for great offers!

Along with these bottoms, I bought a bunch of plain shirts and dye for dip dyeing! I don't want to show you the results for a bit, but it has been so much fun!

Michael's has cheap T-Shirts for $2.50 each this week!
And H&M has more fitted options starting at $5.95!

Rit dye is pretty reasonably priced, and works great in a metal sink! I've been playing before work daily and can't get enough! Filling the sink with about 1-2 gallons of water and mixing with about 1/2 of the dye package with a bit of salt has been successful. Wet the fabric before dipping it in the bath and you can dip whichever parts you want to dye and experiment! Dipping for a few seconds will get a little base coat, and leaving it in for longer will get a darker/stronger color. You can play with different colors and ombre effects with one; so many ways to work it! I can't wait to play some more!

I'll end this post with my prize purchase from ASOS! I am DYING for this watch to arrive because it's sooo dreamy! It's so simple and fabulous and I'm way too excited about it!

Now that that's said; how would you work these items into your wardrobe??


[ Images courtesy of A.Carmen and ASOS ]
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