Friday, June 29, 2012

Freaky Friday - Celestial Menswear

Today is Freaky Friday on Anthony & Elle, and we're highlighting what is weird and quirky about fashion, but what makes it interesting and evolve so quickly!
I'm highlighting a couple of shows from the menswear season that are fun, strange, quirky, and cool!
In Milan, Etro produced an eclectic mix of colors and turbans that give the collection a very gyspy traveler feel that I find inspiring! It makes me want to take a trip to the Mediterrean and roam around carelessly, following the stars? Okay, maybe not literally, but that's what's running through my head! The patterns mixed with the solids compliment each other so well, and the darks and lights in this collection are completely traveling circus/gypsy inspired. I would love to try some of these lighter weight fabrics, which I never do! So... who wants to go to the psychic later?

In Paris, Walter Van Beirendonck showed one of the wackier collections this season! The hats may be a little much, but the show has a bunch of interesting garments that I would love to incorporate into my wardrobe. It's definitely a little mad hatter, Alice in Wonderland, but who doesn't love that? Mix in some harness belts made of ropes, and we've got a party! Again, the bright colors are cool and the bold prints work well with the subtle solids. Mixing a little weird with your normal wardrobe can really take things to a new level and evolve what you're personally doing with your style!
**Having technical difficulties with my current (traveling) computer situation, I'll post pictures later!**
These collections are quirky and dreamy, and I find them weird enough to be considered for Freaky Friday! Be inspired by different! You're supposed to get weird on Fridays, right?
[ Images courtesy of STYLE.COM ]
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  1. I love mixing a little weird with my normal wardrobe! Well said. :)