Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I Want Wednesday - Exploring Topman

So, has anybody guessed what Wednesday is?

This week, it’s What I WANT Wednesday! A nice post on what we’re dying to buy, or what we’re really inspired by!

I recently stumbled upon Topman’s Spring Summer Lookbook 2012 and thought the pictures were really cool and interesting and presented great day looks!

I loved all of the fun patterns mixed with solid pants. I’m definitely not into full patterned looks for men, because I think there needs to be something to break it up for you to really appreciate the print on it’s own. If it becomes too busy, it becomes way too distracting and gimmicky! Women, however, can totally get away with that!

These prints have a fun vibe, while still being masculine and relatable to the menswear market!

I also loved this short suit; very inspired by the 1950’s boy short suits! I think it’s a confident and chic look while still maintaining a professional side. I don’t know if there will ever be a day where shorts are acceptable in the office, but why not? It’s summer, after all!

Here are some items that relate to this conversation and are reasonably affordable:

Navy Check Skinny Blazer - $220

[paired with] Navy Check Tailored Shorts - $80

Multi-Patterned Scoop T-Shirt - $36

Black Acid Wash Shorts - $60

Multi Sublimation Kaleidoscope T-Shirt - $44

Peach Oxford Tailored Shorts - $70

I encourage you to look around Topman’s website, especially at their frequent ½ Price Sales! I love them for their affordability, range in size, deals, and fast shipping! Of course, for the ladies, there is Topshop! [ But watch out for their next counterfeit lawsuit! ;) ]

That’s what I want for the summer! What about you, Elle??

Next week, What I Want Wednesday may change, stay tuned! ;)


[ Images courtesy of TOPMAN ]

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  1. I think you need to buy that kaleidoscope t-shirt and the acid wash shorts. ASAP!