Monday, June 25, 2012

Magazine Monday - Spotlighting ELLE July 2012

It’s Magazine Monday!

Today, it’s all about Selena Gomez’s spread in ELLE’s July 2012 issue!

While Selena looks amazing, the true star of this issue has to be Balmain’s embroidered dress! How could I not be swept in when I saw this cover?

I was soo into Balmain’s A/W 2012 collection (check out my mini review on Anthony Carmen) and the embroidered stunners that were produced! The structure had me dying (of course)! I love the fact that they put Selena in this A/W dress on the beach… And it total works! Having it styled so effortlessly (beach hair and a red lip) makes it seem like it’s just a cover up for a bikini, and not a ridiculously expensive and insanely crafted piece.

Why do I love this piece so much? It’s because so much could go wrong with it. The homey hand embroidered roses slapped brightly in the middle; all of the jewels and stitching around; the overly regal and older feel… It’s all so much, but it works so perfectly together that it’s just a really gorgeous looking dress that even a young girl can pull off seamlessly.

Back to Selena, how about this color combo!

Now, I don’t know how well this matches with an A/W Balmain dress, but it’s so springy, and the colors are gorgeous together! I’m all about a high-waisted pant! Also, Selena is no giant, and she pulls them off just fine! Though, we don’t need more Jessica Simpson moments happening, so make sure you can pull them off! *Ask a friend!*

Awk! Anyway...

Okay, maybe this spread is really all over the place, but I don’t care! She looks fun! Who wears almost knee high boots to the beach? I don’t know, I’m awkward enough to try that! Summer is about color, look at Selena go! If you look good, wear it anywhere, duh! Who doesn’t get all dolled up to go grocery shopping sometimes? *Guilty!*

Other things you’ll find in this issue:

- Me moving in with Aurora Tower (Vanderbilt descendent) in her St. John eco-home! (Starting on page 147)

- RayBan’s fabulous 60’s socialite party advertisement…Why can’t we just go back in time? (You’ll learn I LOVE the 60’s!)

- The About a Pearl spread for everything white and pearly… (Starting on page 172)

Unsure how I managed to pick out all of the NY socialite/housewife aspects of July’s ELLE, but what can I say? I like sophistication!

Pick up the issue, it’s a good one!

[Images courtesy of STYLE.COM & TIMESUNION & ELLE]


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  1. Selena is FIERCE! Usually she looks like a little girl- but she is looking HOT in that spread! I love the way she looks in that embroidered dress. You were right-the dress is amazing! Buy it for me when you get rich? :-P