Saturday, June 30, 2012

Celeb Saturday - Pre-Wimbledon Party

It's Saturday on Anthony & Elle, and it's all about celebrity fashion! Since I'm an avid tennis watcher (It's Wimbledon season, guys!) I had to highlight to great fashion at the Pre-Wimbledon Party!

It's always pleasing to see athletes look rough on the field and then clean up afterward and show their true fashion potential! It's especially pleasing to watch the most fashionable sports' transformations! (I mean, you do always see Anna Wintour in Roger Federer's box section!)

So what did the ladies of tennis wear to the party?

The best dressed goes to the two finalists from last year's Wimbledon!

World No. 1 Maria Sharapova

This dress is GORG! I love all of the bead work, the color, the hair and makeup.. Maria looks amazing! She also made an uneven hemline work for me, and that's hard to do! She looks flawless, and like the No. 1 player in the world!

World No. 4 Petra Kvitova

Petra looks curvy and stunning in this red draped dress! She has such an effortless look; the relaxed hair, the soft falling dress, the natural make up. It all works, and she looked picture perfect for the party!

With both of these ladies still in the game and on the opposites sides of the draw, we may see this fashion face off play out on the Wimbledon court!

Also in attendance:

The Williams Sisters

I'm not completely sold, but I love Venus' dress!

Caroline Wozniacki

Love that neck line and one shoulder!

Elena Vesnina

Such a pretty color!

Li Na

Awkward pose but really interesting dress! I want some metallics! LOVE!

Okay guys, brace yourselves for the worst dressed.. Seriously though?

Vania King

Again, seriously???? First off, Wimbledon is such a regal affair; it's tennis' most respected title! She really showed up in white jeans, an ugly see through top, a horrid scarf, and skippies? This is so awful, I'm kind of embarrassed for her. She definitely needs to step it up. I know you're an athlete, girl, but.. try a little harder next time?

Be sure to tune in for the 2nd week of Wimbledon and see these ladies out of the dresses and onto the courts! Luckily, they have coverage on ESPN3 and Wimbledon, for us online nerds!


[ Images courtesy of GWN7 and TooFab ]
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