Monday, June 25, 2012

Magazine Monday-Structure for Summer

Usually I'm not attracted to structured clothing as much as I am to flowy, romantic clothing. But I think an article on Vogue Magazine's website ( changed my mind!  The article is featured in the website's "Vogue Daily" section- a collection of daily fashion articles that read more like blogs or interesting editorial commentaries than typical structured magazine articles .  

The piece is called The New Shape: Sculptural Silhouettes for Summer, written by Katherine Bernard.  Bernard tells us that although people usually prefer to dress in gauzy, draped dresses and loose-fitting tunics for summer,structured clothing is a fresh, new way to dress for the season.  And structure can be just as pretty and feminine for summer, she says.  

I'm inspired! I think that I can (and all the other romantics out there can) incorporate some  structured pieces into a wardrobe full of pretty dresses and skirts for an interesting way to change- up an outfit.

For example:
  (Image courtesy of
The nude satin corset top on the left can be paired with a chiffon maxi skirt in a bright color like turquoise, with soft suede moccasins in a neutral color similar to (but not identical to) the top.  And the pretty geometric pencil skirt in the middle can be paired with a silk top in purple or green tucked in for a colorful, structured, but still sweet and summery look.

Here are some more inspirational structured-but-pretty outfits featured in the article:

(Image courtesy of Prabal Gurong and
I like that this outfit is structured (because of the clean lines and sleek silhouette), but it doesn't look severe. The skirt has some movement and shine and the top has some interesting texture. 

 (Image courtesy of Preen and
 This outfit has plenty of girly details, like the abstract print that resembles flowers and the pretty mixture of soft blue and tangerine orange.  But the dress is streamlined.

(Image courtesy of No. 21 and
Finally, this outfit reads polished and sophisticated.  But the red applique details on the dress and the subtle chiffon underlay give the look a sweet, feminine touch.

I hope that you are just as inspired by these ideas as I am!  Which outfit is your favorite?

xoxo Elle Michele

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  1. Those outfits are so cute! (And I'm DYING over those moccasins in the top left picture!) Great article.. I agree, structure is always relevant, and I'm not just saying that because I'm obsessed with structure! (Okay, maybe I am... but you gave convincing evidence to support that!)

    I can't wait to see what you post as we move forward to sway me toward appreciating more organic looks!