Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Funday - DIY: Dip Dyed Shorts

Happy Sunday Funday, everyone!

Let me start off by introducing myself.
I'm Christina, and I have been friends with Anthony & Elle for many years.
So I was super excited when they asked me to be a guest blogger.

I love clothes, fashion, and accessories, but I really love crafting and making pretty things.
Pinterest is one of my biggest addictions, and that is where I found this beauty.

As lovely as they are, my first thought was, "I would never spend $161 on those."
My second thought was, "OMG! I can make those myself!"

So, that is exactly what I did and here is how:

I started by searching my closet for some jeans that I no longer wanted, which was really easy for me.
Then, I cut them down to shorts. I took a pair of shorts that I liked the length of and used a piece of chalk to draw where I was going to cut. Once I was done, I pulled at the frays, cut some holes, and used the edge of a pair of scissors to distress the shorts.
Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of those steps. Sorry!

This is where my pictures do start, though. Both pairs of jeans were a really dark wash, so I had to bleach them.

Finally, it is time for the fun part: dyeing.

I used Rit dye in golden yellow, fuschia, and royal blue.
I mixed my baths and did my dyeing in my kitchen sink.

I decided on one pair being pink and yellow, so I get a nice orange in the middle.
The other pair would be pink and blue, so there would be some purple in there too.

After my baths were mixed, I dipped half of my shorts into the bowl.

I let them sit for 30 minutes and then rinsed out some of the dye.
I flipped them over and dipped the other half into the other color.

After another 30 minutes, and a quick wash and dry...


I absolutely love how they turned out!
I even added some embellishment to one pair!

So, next time you think about dishing out money for dip-dyed clothes, remember that you can always do it yourself.

Hope you love them as much as I do!
And if you try this at home, don't forget to show us your dip-dyed shorts too.

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  1. I love them!! Esp the yellow/corally ones! I also think the worn look that they have makes them even better! Great job! Glad you're on the blog!

  2. Love this DIY!! So creative and shorts like that are so in right now!

  3. need to make me some of these. I don't think I'm crafty enough :-/.

  4. you are definitely crafty enough.. super easy to do.