Saturday, September 8, 2012

Celeb Saturday- Celebs Do Layers

I look forward to the colder fashion seasons primarily because I can combine my light, airy summer pieces with chunky sweaters and long pants into a fashionable and cozy layered ensemble.  Layering is economical, visually interesting, and provides the perfect medium for expressing creativity (throwing simple and classic out the door). 

Take a look at how some of my favorite celebrities wear layers.  From bohemian, to sexy, to effortless and casual, these ladies utilize their personal styles and creativity in creating layered outfits with depth.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen:
Mary Kate and Ashley are the modern originators of the pile-it-all-on-at-once look. I don't think they are ever photographed wearing a simple sheath dress or a pantsuit! Somehow though, these twins always manage to look perfectly chic- outfits complete with scarves, dresses, vests, and jackets, all at once.

 Vanessa Hudgens:
Vanessa's style has evolved into a very sexy aesthetic, and her layered ensembles represent this personal style very well.  She layers sheer skirts with matte jackets, and short-shorts with long, draped cardigans.  Vanessa uses layering to show us just enough, and always leave us wanting more!

Emma Watson:
Emma is drawn to close-fitting, structured pieces.  For many people, layering structure with structure would look too severe.  But Emma shows us how to do it- keeping the overall feeling of each look laid-back, wearing structured pieces that aren't too trend-inspired and that blend well with one another.

Keira Knightley:
 Keira Knightly is a laid-back, relaxed, casually cool lady.  Her style and her layered looks are just as she is- relaxed and casual, but still unbearably chic.  Belting a loose-fitting dress or pant worn underneath a jacket is her recent signature ensemble. 

Love the layered look? Then check out my latest outfit post here! I'm not a celeb, but I love to layer with the best of them.

Which celebrity layered look is your favorite? And how do you layer?

Elle Michele
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  1. This is the same reason why I love colder weather! Pile it all on!

    PS, The Olsen twins are fierce...

  2. great post girl.loved looking at the different styles

    vanessa is the best

  3. Some of my fave fashionable celebs! They aren't afraid to try looks that are different!

  4. yes, layers perfect way to feel good and to be chic at autumn.