Friday, September 28, 2012

Freaky Friday - Philip Treacy 2012

I love the idea of Philip Treacy's work and the gorgeous art pieces he creates centered around the head.

His latest designs paired old Michael Jackson costumes (from tours, videos, performances, etc.) and added his fun art pieces on top!

I'm not sure if I see a true cohesion with the art works (other than the inspiration of Michael Jackson, who I love), so I wouldn't call it a collection... But I would call it an amazing exhibition!

I love his use of all types of materials, from shiny to matte, and the gorgeous mix of architectural and organic shapes. They aren't practical, but they give us inspiration and ideas, no?



So cool! One of the finest milliners in the world! (Okay, maybe this post is just so we can say we've used milliner on our blog, whatever! ;) ) 

Which of his latest creations is your favorite?

[ Images courtesy of WWD ]
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  1. What an interesting show! I was definitely not expecting that. haha I really do enjoy your blog and I'm your newest follower!:)
    I hope you'll check out my blog too and follow back if you like it! I'd really appreciate it!

    I can't wait for more posts!:)
    --The Urban Lioness

  2. This was a Perfect SHOW! :)
    Xo, Pam

  3. When I heard about this collection/exhibition...I was so happy because Michael Jackson had great style...And this for me was a great way to pay tribute to that. I wish I was there though!! :(