Monday, September 10, 2012

Magazine Monday - Spotlighting Lucky October 2012

Another Monday, another magazine! It's the beginning of September, so it means that all of the magazines for October are out already! Let's page through Lucky October 2012!


Christina Aguilera rocking denim on the cover? Yes! I think this is a great fall cover, and I'm loving the more natural make up on Christina!


I loved this list of fun ways to boost your office wear!

If you're going to wear another skirt, try a bold color! When wearing a conservative high neck dress, try some sexy pumps!

Some good advice here!

(Page 52)


I always have to stop at beautifully intricate Baroque styled pieces. I love that the details in clothing keep elevating! And that gorgeous emerald necklace has me wanting more and more of the pretty green gem!

(Page 58)


Michael Kors thinks women should own these 5 key pieces in their wardrobe, and I agree! I think these tips work for everyone, not just women!

1) A Coat You Can Wear Anywhere
2) A Cozy Fisherman's Sweater
3) A Have-It-Forever Leather Bag
4) Flashy Aviators
5) The Perfect Black Pant (For You!)

Lucky for me, I have them all! You definitely should read more on this list!

(Starts on page 62)


I loved this piece on finding your personal style!

"How one girl got out of her comfort zone and into the looks she loves."

The article is a step by step way of learning how to make the most stylish YOU!

Step 1: Gather pictures of things you love
Step 2: Try it on. All of it.
Step 3: My new, foolproof looks!

It's true! You'll never know how you'll look if you don't try it! Be bold and try it out!

(Starts on page 73)


I'm all about advice on pieces that look good on certain bodies!

Have great legs?
Key shapes for you are: Long Blazers, Skinny Pants, Short A-Line Skirts, and Trapeze Dresses

How about nice arms?
Key shapes: Sleeveless shirts, collar necklaces, camisoles, and strapless dresses

This is a must read!

(Page 80)


Loving cobalt this fall! Deep colors all the way!

Cobalt, Emerald, Mustard, Maroon, and Plum are GORGEOUS!

(Page 88)


I just love fun tidbits, especially on Lady Gaga! Love her new black perfume, Fame ::: And of course she would be inspired by deadly berries!

(Page 112)


Love Christina Aguilera in denim, and loving this little tidbit! Expense diamonds on casual denim? Genius!!!

Read her article, it's fun!

(Starts on page 124)


And finally, a fun fashion spread!

"Equestrian accents take classic autumn pieces to a whole new level of sophistication."

(Starts on page 136)


I only show good magazines, so I'd trust me and pick this one up! ;)

[ Images courtesy of Lucky ]
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  1. I love your Magazine Monday edition!!
    That photo on the floor from Out of the gate editorial is beautiful! And those Kors´ tips inspired me for my new blog post, be sure to check it here - you will love it ;)

    just JE NE SAIS QUOI

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