Monday, September 17, 2012

Magazine Monday - Spotlighting Esquire October 2012

Today is one for the fellas! This Magazine Monday, I got Esquire in my mailbox!

Let's page through, shall we?


Oh Clint, why so stern? ;)


I'm all about a good murse (I mean, I have a lot of things to carry for class!) and though this one is out of my price range, one that can handle the elements, like this Coach beauty is necessary!

(Page 73)


I really liked this segment, "Ask Nick Sullivan," the fashion director at Esquire! He had some really good advice! One reader asked how to build a look around corduroy pants. Nick suggested, "Think of cords as you would a pair of jeans: They always work great with a jacket that has some texture, like a herringbone tweed. Add a blue oxford cotton button-down and some...brown leather or suede wing tips and you're on your way." Perfect!

(More good advice on page 78)


I loved this little section on travel outfits and where in the world you could wear them! Though there could have been more color in them, I liked the drawn in background with the models pictures!

My favorite look is the look flying the Atlantic ::: A cool quilted jacket with a striped lining paired with a chunky sweater and comfortable jeans! Easy for traveling!

(Starting on page 156)


I also got a supplement with my magazine "Esquire, Working." I loved this piece on "The New Office Dress Codes." It's so confusing where you work on what is acceptable with all of the names that are thrown out there! So what's business, business casual, and casual?

Business: Suits rule here, but they don't need to all be basic two pieces. Make it a three-piece or a bold check print!

Business Casual: Middle ground, play down a suit, laid back but professional! They suggest starting casual and adding business later, or doing the opposite!

Casual: You can wear anything, but should you? Mix up t-shirt and jeans with a nice blazer, or leather jacket. Don't be messy just because you can; if you look good, you feel good, and get that work done right! :)

(Starting on page 12 of Esquire, Working)


Hope you enjoyed, guys! As much as I hate stuffy menswear magazines with a lot of the same looks, this Esquire offered some great advice!

[ Images courtesy of Esquire ]
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  1. That is great advice for men! I am so used to seeing the guys in my office totally not 'get' what casual friday means- they go from sneakers and ripped jeans to those hideous sketchers that look like bowling shoes and jeans and a t-shirt. This gives some great realistic examples of what guys can wear to look cool and casual - and not like they are trying too hard! Love it!