Monday, September 17, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Black and Mustard

So, Jack and I have been meaning to go to the arboretum close to where we live, and Sunday was a gorgeous day for it! If you're in the Philadelphia area, I would definitely recommend checking out the Morris Arboretum! It's fun and pretty!

I was also in the mood for playing with clothes... So I did!

Big ol' tree! I loved it.

We got artsy.

And I wanted to be in the fountain!

So we found these metal sculptural things that I made my model shoot! So, what am I wearing?

A full H&M look! ::: Black button up, mustard pants and matching suspenders, and my fun black peter pan shoes... Heck, even my round sunglasses are H&M!


I love fun architecture!

We found this creepy grotto, and I had to explore!

Found this little stream, and I had to play with my photography skills. ;)

Ah! These spiders just kept coming out of the abyss.. I freaked out a little after the 5th.

Before leaving, I laid some eggs!

It was a fun and pretty little place, and a gorgeous day! And it's always fun to play with looks! :)

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  1. LOVE IT! I especially love the picture of you laying eggs. Beautiful.

  2. Those are really big eggs though...

  3. The babies are grown up when they hatch.. It's awesome!