Monday, September 24, 2012

Magazine Monday - Spotlighting ELLE October 2012

Ah, ELLE is one of my favorite magazines (And one of my favorite blog partners ;)), and it's always a treat paging through magazines with our readers! And Britney's on the cover? Sold!


I grew up with Britney in my life, so I feel pretty attached to her! I love this strong and confident cover, with this gorgeous cobalt on her! She's rocking her latest signature of short, tight dresses, and it looks great!


I love the ELLE trend pages that show gorgeous ways to stick trends in your wardrobe! Glitz, rock, and pearls... Who needs anything more?

(Starts on page 170)


I love meeting new designers, especially ones with a great aesthetic! Meet Australia's Dion Lee and his gorgeous straight silhouettes, simple designs, with an important color twist! Definitely have to look out for this guy!

(Page 214)


Another awesome feature in ELLLE is their Personal Style Guide pages! Again, gorgeous options for different types of women! These pages have looks for day, night, and weekends for all types of personalities! Whether you're an extrovert, adventuress, glamour girl, or urban surfer... There is something here for you! ;)

(Starts on page 250)


All I have to say is... It's Britney, bitch! Love her! And it's a great piece to read!

(Starts on page 359)


And now for the editorials! Wait Until Dark is all about moody hues and rich laces! Gothic, enchanting, and mysterious! Oh so pretty.

(Starts on page 379)


The final editorial Home Front is gorgeous... An almost dark twist on the country... Romantic but eerie... Chunky knits, romantic lace, and quirky Victorian accents! Beautifully different!

(Starts on page 396)


Another awesome issue and plenty of pages to pin up on your wall! Pick this issue up!

[ Images courtesy of ELLE ]
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  1. I grew up a Britney fan as well and since we practically have the same name *spearman* I feel an even deeper bond I havent got mine in the mail yet but you made me even more excited for it now!
    - Brit