Friday, September 28, 2012

Freaky Friday- Pierre Dal Corso Photography

Photography, whether specifically fashion photography or not, is artistic in a way that is so similar to the way fashion is artistic.  Photos capture a mood like an outfit or a designer's collection captures a mood.  Photos use color, texture, and layers to create something interesting to look at just like fashion does.  And when photography is specified for fashion, the two mediums compliment one another perfectly.

Pierre Dal Corso takes some fantastic conceptual fashion shots, but many of his images are not rooted in fashion.  His aesthetic is completely signature in it's haunting, thought-provoking, and moody complexity.  Corso uses black-and-white beautifully, as do many other photographers who embrace the weird and sometimes scary concepts- but his colored pictures are just as freaky as his black-and-whites.

Check them out:


Some of these would have no place in any traditional magazine, but they're all memorizing. The pictures that would disturb the masses are particularly interesting to me! I'd love to hear his thoughts as he's imagining the concept for a photo-shoot. Great artists like this have to be a little strange, but the oddities are what make the images great!

Photos via Pierre Dal Corso

What are your thoughts about photography like this?

Elle Michele
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