Saturday, September 22, 2012

Celeb Saturday- Weird Celebrity Performers and their Fashion

Performers of any kind need some sort of gimmick, a special something that makes them fun to watch- and that attracts people to come watch them in the first place. Many performers today and for as long as performers have been performing, use "weird" as their signature bit. Weird comes in many forms however, and for celebrity performers to stand out amidst a sea of weirdos, each one must make the crazy their own.

For many celebrity performing weirdos, costuming is the perfect way to differentiate from others in the industry.  But for a celebrity, costuming can't just be a part of a stage act.  The costume becomes a part of the person, a part of the personality.  For celebs like Katy Perry, Johnny Weir, and Lady Gaga- cooky costuming is a part of every aspect of their lives.  Their costumes have morphed into personal styles that are evolving, never boring, and always interesting to look at.

 Katy Perry:
Katy is fun.  But she is the type of candy-coated, bright-colored, over-the-top fun that hurts the eyes and stings the lips....and somehow leaves us wanting more.


Johnny Weir:
Mr. Weir is androgynous in a way that is a little eerie.  Sometimes we really can't tell if he is a man or a woman.  Eerie or not, I can't stop looking at him.


Lady Gaga:
Lady Gaga is the current queen of weird, and of all the current weirdos, her version is the most fashion-forward.  With a corset, a cutout, or some lace- she makes very bizarre outfits look chic and modern.



Who is your favorite cooky celebrity performer? And what do you like about the fashion twist they've put on "weird"?

Elle Michele
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