Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Special Post- See it Here First, SkinnyMe Bangles!

 Dearest readers, I would like to introduce you to SkinnyMe Bangles by Tiffani Joseph! This wonderful soon-to-be-launched product is fashionable and functional. Tiffani has created pretty statement bangles that also serve as wrist weights. They're just a tad heavier than ordinary bangles. She says " Unfortunately, most wrist weights are ugly and bulky. Because SkinnyMe Bangles look like jewelry, you can wear them often, for longer periods, and still reap the benefits".

So we can tone our arms and shoulders without even trying- while wearing  cute, right-on-trend bangle bracelets? What more can we ask for? Ladies, a duel-functioning product doesn't get much better than this.  

Take a look:

Tiffani is a very charismatic and spunky lady- and her inspirations and motivations for creating this product reflect her contagiously fun personality. She says "I love accessories (what girl doesn't), but one I don't wear too often is the bangle/bracelet. So I guess I had to make a believer out of myself, I had to create a fashion accessory that I'd want to wear because it served more than its intended purpose. SkinnyMe bangles not only look cute, but they can help me tone up!" Tiffani and I have only corresponded through e-mail, but I can somehow feel her effervescent yet ambitious attitude, and it is so likeable! How can a product envisioned by a woman like this NOT be beautiful?

Now, Tiffani needs our help to raise enough funds to fulfill her dream of releasing her first run of bangles for the Spring 2013 season! She is using a website that many other ambitious entrepreneurs like her are using to raise the money she needs.  The website is called IndieGoGo and you can find SkinnyMe Bangles here.  "I'm using IndieGoGo to raise funds for the first production run of SkinnyMe bangles. People can contribute for believing in me and my idea and in turn I offer them some perks, like a SkinnyMe t-shirt, some SkinnyMe bangles, or iPods for their generosity" comments Tiffani.  Based on the amount you contribute to her business, you receive a package of goodies- starting at a permanent shout-out on her facebook page, and ending with 6 bangles, a t-shirt, and music.  Anyone who contributes a set minimum amount will receive a pair of bangles BEFORE the official launch date (note, at the launch they will be sold in pairs for $30.00)!

This bangles are, of course, a fashion accessory!  In preparation for the launch next season, we need to think about how to style them.  These bracelets take the shape of a classic bangle- and they will be released in pink, black, and leopard-print. So the looks they can accent are endless! I'd style them with an all-white ensemble for a crisp and fresh look.  Or they could be styled with a slouchy sweater, skinny pants, and some killer ankle boots for a cool-girl chic look. Our designer thinks "you can stack them with other bangles to create a look or just wear them on their own as a punch of color to any outfit". 

Until the launch of an official website for SkinnyMe Bangles, you can reach the designer and receive updates on the progress of the product on the SkinnyMe Bangles Facebook page. 

I really believe in this product and in Tiffani.  Her idea is insightful and takes into consideration two things many women have on their minds- fashion and toning our bodies. Visit her fundraising website, like her on facebook, and get excited for the launch that will surely be the beginning of a successful product and business!

Elle Michele
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  1. These bangles are great! I would wear them alone or with a stack of bracelets for an arm "party". Simply beautiful!


  2. Those are awesome! I love the way they look! I think it's a wonderful accessory and I definitely hope Tiffani will be super successful with them! I definitely look forward to owning one!

    1. Thank you for the comment! I know she will be successful :).

  3. Great bracelets! Thanks for let me know this brand!
    Thanks also for visiting my blog, I hope you'll join my site! I already follow you everywhere!( on GFC I'm Marta chic) ^_^
    ChicToChic on Facebook

  4. Heyy, this is such a great post! I do not wear bangles because of my extremely tiny wrists (all heavy bangles end up on my hand and it´s not chic) but I really love this idea as well as its design!
    Liked the F page and will happily tweet about it :)

    Also, I´m very happy you´ve enjoyed my post about women´s key pieces!! :)
    I´m looking forward to your next Magazine Monday post!

    just JE NE SAIS QUOI

    1. Thank you!! I have tiny wrists too, so I know how ya feel.