Saturday, September 22, 2012

Celeb Saturday - Celebrities Remix Denim

While browsing for celebrity fashion, I came across a post from Stylelist titled "Celebrities Repeat their Favorite Denim"

I thought it was a great example of how celebrities (just like us) are able to take their favorite pieces and remix them in fun new ways to make the garments work in a different way! Remixing is essential to a wardrobe, that's exactly what we do everyday to make new cool outfits for ourselves!

Check out how these celebrities remix the hot item of the fall, denim, and be inspired as to how you can work denim in your wardrobe!


Jennifer Aniston

Claudia Schiffer

Fearne Cotton

Rachel Bilson

Kim Kardashian

Nicole Richie

Kate Bosworth

Emma Stone

Emma Roberts


What do you think about the way these celebrities remixed pieces they love into creating different looks? Who says celebrities shouldn't be caught in the same thing twice? Please!

[ Images courtesy of Stylelist ]
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  1. I love the way so many of them are wearing the same jeans and boots or bag combo over & over. Just like me too. I can't seem to stop wearing my faves.
    And, have you any idea what those boots are that Fearne Cotton is wearing in the first pic? Love!


    1. Thank you so much! I have no idea, but they are super cute! I'd recommend going to and searching for ankle boots that way! :)