Saturday, August 25, 2012

Celeb Saturday - Not So Bad Bad Celebrity Fashion

When I recently clicked on the "What Were They Thinking" on OMG Yahoo, I was really surprised; I completely loved the first look! And as I began to click, I saw a few more outfits that were not worthy of calling out a celebrity for looking awful!

This got me thinking - who else was falsely accused of not looking fierce recently? Taste is so subjective and I want to give a boost to these celebrities who were, in my eyes, wrongly accused of committing a fashion crime by big websites in August!

Ali Larter

Okay, maybe the pants are a little much - but her amazing body and that top are sick! I love how it wraps around her. Think of these pieces separately, couldn't they work so well with other garments - perhaps some solids? I think you look fierce, Ali - dare to be fun! Work!

Lindsay Lohan

Yes her make up looks a bit of a mess, but I like this short and sheer shirt dress!

Paris Hilton

Okay, maybe she wears these a lot, but can you blame her? I love obnoxious prints, and tall people can always pull of maxis! It looks nice against her skin, and I think she looks fierce!

Jonas Brothers

The 70's are totally in, so deal with it! I love the color scheme going on with each brother and printed button ups are totally in! I think they look fun, whatever!

Rachel Zoe

A chic denim jumpsuit? You work that denim trend, Rachel!

Jamie Chung

This blue is GORGEOUS on her and I love that cut out! It's a tasteful element of surprise! And those metallic toed shoes are fabulous!
:::Perez Hilton put this if I didn't question his taste enough!:::

Christina Milian

Maybe this dress is a little early 2000's and I could have done without the earrings, but I still think she looks sexy and curvy! That blue really works with any skin tone, and I like the pairing of the gold accessories/shoes!

Do you think any of these looks are redeemable or would you give them a ticket for bad fashion?

[ Images courtesy of OMG Yahoo and Perez Hilton ]
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