Monday, August 6, 2012

Magazine Monday-, Celebs Rocking the "Marilyn" Look 50 Years After Her Death

Marilyn Monroe is undoubtedly the most iconic blonde bombshell.  She was by today's standards, a "plus-size" model/actress-but in the 1950's her physique was unmatched for desirability. Although I can't understand why people constantly use her quotes in facebook posts, I cannot deny that the woman was beautiful. And I can't blame women (especially celebrities and fashionistas) for being inspired by her style and confidence. I'm skinny and brunette, but when I want to amp-up my sex appeal for a night out (or a night in) I channel THE blonde bombshell herself- Ms. Monroe.'s Nora Crotty says  "Five decades [after her death], women wearing curled blonde coifs, full lips painted red, heavy lids, and figure hugging gowns still rule the red carpet, trying to emulate Marilyn’s bombshell look".  Since celebrities try to channel her look so often, the Marilyn look has become timeless and absolutely recognizable. Who wouldn't want to look like a bombshell on the red carpet, after all?

Inspired by Crotty's article, I've compiled pictures of celebrities sporting the Monroe look on the red carpet.  Some of the pictures are from the article on, others I found myself, but none of them belong to me:

 Marilyn Monroe

Christina Aguilera

Lindsay Lohan

Drew Barrymore

Christina Hendricks

Gwen Stefani

Katherine Heigl 

Rachel McAdams

January Jones 

Scarlett Johansson

Why don't you let your inner Marilyn out tonight? ;)

Elle Michele
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  1. i was just thinking about her yesterday. one of my favorite icons <3 =)
    - Brit

  2. No one touches Marilyn. Gwen looks the best out of the rest! :)

    1. Did you really put our link at the bottom of that? HTM!

    2. LOL! I comment a lot of blogs at once... It's a habit! HTM of the night!

  3. noone can beat Marilyn Monroe except herself!!!
    EDGYMIX New Post-Malawi-By the Lake

    1. This is true! But the ladies sure do love to try!