Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Building for Fall

Little by little, I've been picking up fall essentials during the summer! I think it's good to prepare beforehand, especially if you can find great deals!

H&M has been all about their mustard, and I'm all about buying every mustard piece! It's my favorite color for fall! I think it looks good on just about any skin tone, and it's a color you don't see that often (until now!) ...I've realized I can wear a complete mustard outfit with my current wardrobe! Too much of a good thing isn't always best. Also, who can pass up a $10 sweater??

There's that awkward transition stage when fall comes around, so t-shirts are still wearable, either layered into a look or on it's own. Couldn't pass up this simple blue $5 shirt! I also love t-shirts with breast pockets - they add a little something extra!

I have a vision for an outfit and absolutely needed this black button up to complete the look. Lucky for me, a black button up is a true staple that can go with so many looks! It especially balances bright or interesting pants. Again, I couldn't beat the $15 price!

When you're building your fall wardrobe:

1) It's okay to buy a signature color, especially if it looks good on you! Just don't wear them all at once!

2) Don't forget the details! Make sure to pick up little pieces you can layer into your looks!

3) Staples will get you far. They mix well and balance statement and trendy pieces!

4) If the price is good - get it!

Have you started shopping for the fall yet? What's you favorite piece so far?

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  1. Aren't you clever, getting the jump on autumn. And mustard is such a good colour! (Not on me, but...)
    Great tips for building up the wardrobe - I especially like the last one - it's more or less my shopping motto :-)


  2. I'm getting my fall wardrobe ready! I have a mustard blazer, so I guess i'm on the right track! :)

  3. Oooooh yes!!! Mustard & Navy (with highlights/accessories in fuchsia, coral and floral) is what I am currently living in during winter here down-under (New Zealand). Getting lots of compliments on the colours too. Check out my mustard must-haves! :)

  4. fall?????you are good, I don't even know what to wear for tmr.but It's true!!! I will shop for the next season!!..cus I guess we are all shopaholic!!!!!ahahha

    EDGYMIX New Post-Obsession-Car Racing

  5. I love you in button-ups. Ferosh.

  6. I love shopping ahead of time as well, lets you get first pick at the new product. I love that mustard too! And the green that H&M is also making a lot of, the deep one. New seasons are such a revitalization, a complete refreshment of style.

  7. Can't wait for fall to come, but I still need to get some pieces for the new season! Love the tips on building a wardrobe! :)

    1. It's my favorite season, so it's a blast to shop for! :)