Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Special - Pixie Mood, Vegan Handbag Designer

Do you need a new handbag, wallet, passport holder, or wristlet for the upcoming season but don't wear (or can't afford) real leather? Then Pixie Mood is what you're looking for! Designer Chloe Ho avoids using real leather because she and her company love animals and do not support wearing their skins. Although the bags are made from vegan leather, they don't sacrifice style. If you love the look of real leather, you will love these products.

Chloe is inspired by color and whimsy, and creates products that are fun and fashionable- but completely affordable! Every piece is priced at under $50.00. 

Take a look at some of my favorite Pixie Mood products. Just looking at the rainbow of colors and fashionable styles will surely lift your spirits. Owning one of these will brighten your day every time you wear it!

The Steph Bag

The lovely people at Pixie Mood were kind enough to send me the Steph Bag in beige and it has become my new everyday carry-all! It looks like a satchel, but it isn't as structured as you would expect a satchel to be. The pliable material molds to your body and to the contents you're carrying. Look forward to more pictures of me wearing my bag in this outfit and in another more casual outfit on Wednesday!

The Vanessa Pouch

The Disco Long Wallet

The Queenie Cross-body Bag
Pixie Mood products are extremely versatile, a characteristic important to many of us who have busy lives. Although they are playful and whimsical, perfect for a young free-spirited person- every piece can be styled into a professional woman's wardrobe. Many of the long wallets and passport holders can double their wear-ability and be used as clutches. And the bags that come with straps can be worn cross-body or on the shoulder.

The Present Short Wallet

The Vicky Passport Holder

Preview of the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Collection
The new collection incorporates the darker, moodier colors that compliment the fall and winter seasons to come and the outfits we will be wearing throughout these seasons. We see some sparkly bags, ideal for a girly-girl- and we see some satchels, perfect for a busy business-woman.

I know that many of you will now love Pixie Mood as much as I do. Head over to the website and pick out a new bag, while supporting the use of cruelty-free products. Which piece is your favorite?

Elle Michele
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  1. That first bag is sooo pretty! Love it :) x

    1. I love it too! :) thanks for the comment

  2. Ohh this is awesome! I'm starting to buy more animal friendly fashions and this is perfect. I absolutely love that first bag... the orange, blue and white looks great together.

  3. The bag is gorgeous!

  4. They are all so fun and cute -- I love the present wallet! And I'm always looking for colorful, functional crossbody satchels for work. Thanks for introducing me to this collection!

    1. You're welcome! Thank YOU for taking the time to leave a comment!

  5. Your bag (and the rest of the collection) is fabulous - and I love it even more because it's vegan! I love the look of leather pieces, but I have all sorts of ethical concerns about them. Glad there are some fashionable options available!


    1. I'm glad there are other options too. :)

  6. Hi I just popped over from twitter to follow your blog, Love those bags they are lush!!!!
    here's mt blog

    1. Thank you so much for following! I will follow you as well :)

  7. I absolutely love these bags! My favorite is the Steph bag that you got! Jealous!


  8. Fabulous! Gorgeous bags. I particularly like the Queenie.