Friday, August 10, 2012

Freaky Friday - Understanding Runway Fashion through Thom Browne

I love odd and dramatic runway shows, and I thought this one would be perfect for Freaky Friday! This week has been dedicated to fall, and here's a really quirky show from Thom Browne for Fall 2012! I think fashion shows are all about giving an artistic view to your clothing - so they do not need to be shown as commercially wearable. It's an inspiration - a preview to where your business is heading, and I can appreciate that!

Why do I love dramatic fashion shows?:

I love when designers talk about their inspiration so you can better understand where they were going with a dramatic collection. " Browne described a scenario where Punks face off against Jocks" (, 2012). I love the dramatization of this cliche high school rivalry seen through fashion! The exaggeration and whole production draws you into the clothing - and then you can begin to break apart the garments and understand that collection.

What can be gained from runway fashion?:

* Look at the pieces separately and see how you can work them into your own wardrobe *
* Understand the shapes and silhouettes for inspiration on how you want to create your looks *
* Take in the prints and textiles - see how you can mix them into your wardrobe YOUR way *

To me, fashion is all about expression, artistry, and confidence.

My Fashion Mentalities:

* Express yourself YOUR way! *
* Think of yourself as your own daily living art project and inspire others! *
* Feel good in what you're wearing to give you an extra boost in the day! *

All of this from a Freaky Friday post about a runway show? Well done, Thom Browne!

[ Images courtesy of STYLE ]
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