Monday, August 27, 2012

Magazine Monday- Vogue Fashion Editorials Around the World

Fashion, or more specifically-what is fashionable, undoubtedly varies from country to country. Because of culture, facial features and body types, influences, climate, and other factors, people from different parts of the world are drawn to differing fashions.

However, high fashion speaks all languages and crosses every country border.  This type of fashion that is featured in the always artistic and beautiful magazine editorial, is universally appreciated.  Editorials each have a specific mood and a specific look in mind, but from season to season, from country to country, they all convey the same sort of message to us.  Picturing beautiful women wearing beautiful clothing always slightly arrogant in their unattainable state, the editorial calls to us, making us long to obtain that majestic perfection we see in print.

Vogue Magazine has subsets in almost every part of the world now, so in a discussion about editorials in different countries, this magazine gives us plenty of pictures from all over the world to compare. 

Vogue Netherlands
May 2012

Vogue Hellas
May 2012

Vogue India
March 2012

Vogue Taiwan
January 2012

 Vogue Germany
January 2012

Vogue US
January 2012

Vogue Japan
June 2012

 Vogue UK
June 2012

Vogue Paris
May 2012

Vogue Korea
June 2012

Vogue Russia
June 2012

Vogue China
July 2012

At the end of the day, just as expected, although the ladies in the pictures look different and are from different parts of the world- the beauty in the pictures remains the same.  Do you have a favorite?

Elle Michele
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