Monday, August 27, 2012

Magazine Monday - Spotlighting Harper's Bazaar September Issue 2012

I received yet another big September magazine! Last week, I highlighted ELLE's Sepetember issue, but this time it's Harper's Bazaar! I was excited by the super awesome Gwen Stefani cover and gorgeous pink flower Alexis Mabille couture hat! It's super editorial, and an awesome shot! Flawless cover, no??

Well, as usual, let's page through!


I love HB's gorgeous lists with pretty items! Green is in, and these jade beauties are stunning! I think this color goes well with a lot of others, so popping accessories with it could be an awesome idea!

(Page 226)


I love the old antiquity theme that is emerging, and this gold and black page is perfect! I think clothes are being beautifully made these days, while becoming a bit more affordable. Jewels, golds, and furs are always gorgeous in the fall!

(Page 243)


We all know that I'm all about red for the fall from my Friday post - so I had to stop at this stunning list! These reds are deep and, well, bloody! Shiny silver accessories really complement this deep, dark look! Love!

(Page 244)


Who wouldn't want to be this woman! I loved this segment, Closet of the Month, featuring jewelry designer, Lynn Ban! How good does she look in a print? It's perfectly organized, filled with crazy patterns and prints, and ridiculously stunning designer pieces! Did you see she has 14 Celine bags and 800 vintage couture pieces?? Lucky...

(Page 270)


Here's another list of stunning glittery, jeweled, studded shades of gray accessories and shoes! Love everything about this...besides the glitter rubbing off and sticking to my skin! ;)

(Page 300)


Super famous model from the past, Farida Khelfa, is featured in this article, and she's going to help relaunch the Schiaparelli brand! I had to stop at this article because I've been researching Elsa Schiaparelli lately, and looking at her work, and I'm super excited by this news! Can't wait to see where it goes... *Things that get designers excited*

And Farida is pretty fab!

(Starting on page 342)


Found a great color chart that shows awesome color guides to look "Fabulous at Every Age!"

"20s - Go heavy on the rouge with chic crimson"
"30s - Electrify in the brightest blues"

"40s - Pair regal purple with black for added richesse"
"50s - Highlight your look with bold blocks of fuchsia"

"60s - Shine brilliantly in shades of sapphire"
"70s+ - Think pink with rose-colored accents"

Aren't Diane von Furstenberg and Barbara Walters pretty ageless? Gorgeous!

(Starting on page 359)


I can't shy away from a good beauty tip just because we're mostly a fashion blog!

It's all about Dermapen! ;)

(Page 388)


So excited for the Met Museum's Andy Warhol exhibition! It starts Sept 18 and run until the end of the year! I will be there before the end, for sure! Eee!

(Page 434)


If you're into fascinating reads - I definitely recommend this! This article about Doris Duke is full of...everything! This woman lived a LIFE! So intriguing.

(Starting on page 438)


Had to stop on this little piece! So... It's telling me I should go to Australia now... And what I should be wearing? Awesome! I love travel pieces, and mixing that with fashion is so fun!

(Starting on page 447)


And now for my favorite part... The editorials! Love this one! "The Best of What's New"! Well, that is perfect! I know you all would die to wear all of these pieces this fall! Pretty and strong against the plain background... Nice!

(Starting on page 464)


Another fun editorial called Chic in the Street! Hmm.. Is someone being influenced by street style blogs? ;)

(Starting on page 542)


Another September issue and another success! I really like Harper's Bazaar for their articles, along with their gorgeous editorials! I feel they have a larger array of interesting lifestyle pieces mixed in with amazing fashion - so I would definitely recommend picking up this one today!

It's not like the cover would stray you elsewhere! Gorgeous!

[ Images courtesy of Harper's Bazaar ]
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  2. I've been meaning to pick up this issue. The September Bazaar is always the best!

    1. It's definitely different than other magazines, I love it! :)