Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Denim

I like doing these posts while actually wearing the outfit I'm posting as we speak! It's a true "What I Wore (or what I'm wearing) Wednesday!"

It's all about denim today!

I love blue denim tops these days - especially if they are cut right and fit perfectly like this one I got from ASOS! I thought my red Carbon pants would be a good pairing with this to brighten up the look. And ASOS light brown brogue shoes just work with both of these colors! Just another day at fashion school, today!

I'll fill you in on some of these pieces in tomorrow's post because I recently got them! ;)

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  1. Great pants. Together with the shirt make a wonderful set:)


  2. great outfit :D

    Antonella di

  3. What other shirts do you wear with those pants... I almost bought a pair of red pants today... and a blue button up... but then I thought I wouldn't be able to figure our what else to wear it with :(

    1. You can pair it with a bunch of colors! I think browns and blues work best with red, but mixing in blacks and whites works too!

      I'd also try bluer greens! There are a bunch of options! :)

      Ps, I'm sending your package Tuesday, sorry for the delay! I've been busy!