Friday, August 24, 2012

Freaky Friday - Blood Red in Fashion

I'm obsessed with red for the fall, so it's no surprise that for Freaky Friday, I'm showing bloody fashion inspirations! I even wore blood red pants today in honor of the occasion! Gosh, I'm festive!

Rodarte FW08

Rodarte FW08

Lanvin FW12

Ann Demeulemeester - FW12

Christian Dior - FW12

Genny - FW12

Genny - FW12

Whether it's runway, editorials, or just beauty, blood red looks freakishly gorgeous on the body and I can't get enough of it!

This trend made me also think of one of my favorite blood red fashion moments of Lady Gaga! While I already shared the bloody good time that was her VMA Paparazzi performance - here's a full blood red outfit fit for a Queen ::: I'm Speechless over it! :::

Be creepily inspired today!

[ Images and video courtesy of Favim, STYLE, Sylviaji, YouTube ]
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  1. I love this post! Like ANTM Allison, I am fascinated by blood and I love that blood red is trending in fashion! So dramatic. Fab!

  2. Amazing post, so for me, color is amazing, clothes are amazing and also Lady Gaga!

    xoxo, Kaari

  3. Red is indeed a beautiful colour. Though at the same time red can be a terrible cliché, very trashy or just plain wrong. It's a difficult colour I think.

    That Gaga perfomance is one of my favourite! Not just the dress, but the high piano and Speechless is of course a beautiful song!

    XOXO, Sam

    1. All over red is definitely difficult to pull off, but the right shade, or pops here and there are gooorgeous!

      That performance is stunning! <3

  4. Absolutely in love with the first few images. <3

  5. That Dior dress is amazing!!! Want.