Friday, August 31, 2012

Freaky Friday - SEX Appeal

The word "freak" has many different meanings.  It can mean scary, weird, edgy, different- or it can be used to describe a woman's (or man's) sex appeal. We've all heard the word used this way, and it's usually used in a racy context- describing the way a woman displays her sex appeal in the bedroom.  I think that we can stretch this particular meaning of the "freak" and use it to examine the way women express their individual sexuality through clothing.

We'll look at some of my favorite bloggers, some of my favorite celebrities, and then we'll end by looking at my somewhat subdued sexiness.  I admire that sassy confidence other women exude through their clothing choices and their attitudes, and I hope that I can use this inspiration to embrace my inner sex kitten!

 Blogger Sexy:
 A Keene Sense of Style

The Fashion Column

 Fashionably Broke

Some of my favorite bloggers look undoubtedly sexy flashing some leg this summer in silhouettes that aren't skin tight, but still outline the female form.  Each girl looks sexy in a different way- from red-lipped vixen, to laid-back girly.  Both men and women would agree that these three are freakishly beautiful and individually sexy.

Celebrity Sexy:

 Kate Bosworth

 Selena Gomez

With the help of stylists and designers, celebrities spend time and money developing a perfect personal style.  All three of my celebrity fashionistas have found a version of "sexy" that fits within their established personal style.  All three show hints of skin in one area, while keeping the other areas of the body covered- making their looks sexy but not skanky. From Rihanna's flashy in-your-face sexuality, to Selena's young- and-fresh hint of sexiness- we see how sex appeal can be expressed within any woman's personality.

My Sexy:
See these full outfit posts here, here, and here (from left to right)

I've never thought of myself as particularly sexy.  I feel dorky and clumsy- and because of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome my body acts like the body of an elderly person.  However, I do like to show a flash of skin when I'm going out at night (when I'm feeling especially sassy).  Despite my physical impairments, I have an individual sort of sex appeal- as does every woman!

Embrace it, ladies!

How do you express your sexuality through your ensembles? And which sexy look out of the above looks is your favorite?

Elle Michele
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  1. There are so many ways to be "sexy"! Agreed! Love this post!

    Did I also mention how much I LOVE that vintage metallic dress you have? Amazing! I'm feeling a little glam rock in it... ;)

    1. YES! It is a little glam rock!!! I didn't even realize! Fierce!