Monday, August 20, 2012

Magazine Monday- Magazines Vs. Blogs (Like Anthony and Elle)

Fashion Magazines and Fashion Blogs have many aspects in common. The two use a lot of the same elements to create publications that are intended to inspire an audience. However, though magazines and blogs are put together very similarly and use many of the same topics, the ways these topics are approached are often very different.

 How better to illustrate how some popular topics are delivered to an audience within a magazine compared to within a blog, than to use topics found on our own blog-Anthony & Elle? Blogs may have been originally inspired by magazines, but I think it is our intent that makes our content slightly different than magazine content. Not only do we bloggers wish to inspire our audience, we hope to do so while RELATING to them.  So, which type of publication is better-magazines or blogs? You be the judge!

Models in Magazines 

Models on Anthony & Elle
 What I Wore Wednesdays

"Outfit posts are such an interesting idea. What a great way to display our fashion choices and to in turn, be inspired by the fashion choices of other real people.  It's like street-style photography, but more personal". (Elle Michelle)

Celebs in Magazines

Celebs on Anthony & Elle
Celeb Saturdays

"I'm a big fan of comparing people in outfits! Not because you can be mean and point out flaws, but it's a good indicator on what might work on YOU if you have a similar build, skin tone, or hair cut as a certain celebrity!" (Anthony Carmen)

Trends in Magazines
"You have to interpret what’s hot to make it work on yourself. If tweed suits are in but you’re not a suit kind of girl, wear the jacket with jeans and a pair of Converses." (Rachel Zoe)

Trends on Anthony & Elle
Twofer Tuesdays

"This look is easy to create and even easier to wear.  It works with any personal style- whether you are a girly- girl, an Anthony Carmen lover of structure, a funky cool chick, a punk rocker, a polished lady, or anything in between." (Elle Michele)

And the winner is....?

Elle Michele
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  1. I like reading magazines but for outfits I like reading blogs because to me it's more tangible. Magazines have certain 'looks' 'trends' that they follow whereas on a blog it's up to the individuals sense of style. I draw more inspiration from that than a magazine.

    1. This is so insightful! Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Blogs, of course!

    " Not only do we bloggers wish to inspire our audience, we hope to do so while RELATING to them."

    I agree! I think blogs are more interesting because we try to relate to our readers, while magazines seem to think that their readers should relate to them - and understand their ideas and new trends.

    Love this post!