Monday, August 6, 2012

Magazine Monday - Spotlighting NYLON August 2012

I got my first issues of Nylon in the mail a few days ago, and I was so excited! I love how big the pages are and how many of them there are!

I had to spotlight this issue because, it's The Denim Issue - and we all know that's all I've been thinking about lately!

So let's page through this issue together and stop at my favorite spots...

I love this ad and I love the new Vans line! The Fall 2012 "Van Doren Series" prints will be featured on all of the classic Vans signature shoes. The prints created by the company's founders are fun, colorful, and can really bump up an outfit!

I had to stop at this ad for PacSun because it's the perfectly denim look with amazing brown suede booties! I love mixing browns with blues and this look is classically cool!

Throughout Nylon's pages, there are many denim options that will be big for the upcoming season. I had to stop at these wax coated denim numbers. They almost have a leather quality with the shine, but the comfort of denim paired with them! I think these could be a really good option as long as the fit isn't too bulky (denim is mostly heavy, after all...)
(Page 62)

I loved Janine Shaw's (of Denimocracy) quote "Denim is truly the most amazing fabric." I really never appreciated what denim has to offer until recently, and it's absolutely true! The strength and structure is has, paired with the dyeability of the cotton makes denim completely versatile and perfect for creating many looks! Denim continues to evolve throughout the seasons, and I think we're going to see the best denim yet in the next couple of years - mark my words!
(Page 74)

This look is perfection. I love the denim blanknyc blazer over a purple sheer and leather trim and collared Nicole Richie for Impulse shirt. Pairing that with black and white stripes Daag Goodman for Tripp pants and Payless black booties makes this completely affordable and effortlessly chic. I would not be afraid to wear those pants as a man! They're AMAZING! I love that it mixes heavy and light weights and dark and light colors creating the perfect balance.
(Page 104)

Now this was a fun little article that asked 3 designers to take a simple denim dress and create it into something new by DIY! My favorite is the simple, yet chic one on the right. It continues the theme of mixing lightweights with heavyweights, but making it perfectly balanced. The sleeves are cute, and add a romantic quality. I think the studded neckline doesn't make the look too hard and perfectly matches the rest of the outfit! I think this gives awesome inspiration for those that love DIY! Make a simple dress something more! Which one do you love best?
(Page 108)

This little spread is how to work denim into other areas of your beauty other then through fashion! Whether it's nails, or crazy eye lashes, or braided or dyed in your hair - denim is awesome!
(Page 122)

I leave you with this great spread of classic denim called "Canyon of Dreams." This is how I think of denim - in the country, perfectly American, classically cool. Adding the new modern sentiment to classic denim design is really fun and keeps the evolution of denim rolling. Denim will always be cool in casual wear - and I'll make sure of it!

Pick up this great issue of Nylon now! It's awesome - especially if you're obsessing over denim like I am!

What are your favorite features in this issue? What other magazines are you currently reading?

[ Images courtesy of Nylon ]
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  1. Love Nylon magazine, has some really great picks and looks =)

    1. Agreed! And I love how big the pages are! Haha.

  2. This post idea is AWESOME!!! I´ve got a similar one - In My Bookcase but yours is more up-to-date. Like it so much, looking forward to next :)


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