Friday, August 17, 2012

Thrifty Thursday- My Fall Wish-List

Since the birthday that officially marks the beginning of my mid-twenties is in two weeks, why should I kick-start a fall wardrobe with my own money? Instead, I can just make a wish list and give it to my gift-givers to "surprise" me with! 

Now I know that might sound a little spoiled-brat-ish, but I certainly don't expect lavish gifts. Making a wish list only serves as a shopping inspiration guide for my family members AND for myself this  season. If I'm gifted with only one of these items (or an item similar to any of these), I will be more than happy. And if I'm gifted with none of them, then I guess I'll have to buy them myself after all!

For this fall fashion season I'm inspired by a rock-and-roll aesthetic.  I'm drawn to metallics, funky colors, and punky jewelry.  Mixed with some classic pieces, I can incorporate these new, trendy items into a cold-weather wardrobe that is 100% Elle Michele.

Metallic Jeggings
Victoria's Secret- $79.70

 A Funky Printed Cardigan

 Colorful Loafers
UrbanOG- $19.70

Black-and-White Pants
GoJane- $24.20

A Collared Blouse
Forever 21- $17.80

A Rock-and-Roll Bracelet
Urban Outfitters- $16.99

And a Denim Jacket
Old Navy- $34.94

Which piece is your favorite? And what are you dying to buy this Fall?

Elle Michele
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  1. Those metallic jeggings are AMAZING!

    1. Love the printed cardigan! especially because I live in Scotland so I need to stock up on beautiful warm clothing haha. Love your blog!

    2. Thanks so much! I bet it gets freezing there! (But at least the countryside looks pretty, even if you're frozen). <3

  2. This fall I'd really like to add a denim jacket, some loafers, and a fun colorful cardi to my closet!!

    1. What a coincidence! Haha thanks for the comment :)

  3. I love those jeggings! I been looking for a denim jacket from a thrift store but I might just have to buy one regular price..

    1. I've been looking for one at the thrift store too but I can't find one in my size! :(

  4. Love the cardigan.. actually saw it on ASOS and wanted it!! Looks fun and fresh! Perfect for summer x