Friday, August 3, 2012

Freaky Friday - Tips from Horror Movies

I found this awesome little article on fashion and beauty tips learned from horror movies on The Gloss! I love horrific humor!

The Bride of Frankenstein

"Two tone hair will make automatically make you cooler than any monster."

It's so true. This hair is classic and hot!! Embrace your grays if you're older, or color your hair a couple of colors if you're younger! It's all fun. How did Frankenstein get so lucky?
Cabin Fever

"You know, maybe it's a good idea to wax your legs instead of shaving them."

The gore of this scene! I don't know if waxing would have been a better options, can you imagine?? Ouch.

Rosemary's Baby

"Getting a really short haircut won't stop you from giving birth to Satan's offspring...But damn, it sure will highlight your cheekbones!"

I love a pixie cut. I'm not sure if it's for everyone, but slinky women with great bone structure should at least try it once! But alas, still try to avoid having Satan's baby.


"Showering too often can make your hair really dry. It can also make you dead."

What an awesome horror movie. Truly scary and ahead of it's time! Does anybody else kind of freak out when they're in the shower that someone is behind the curtain? I say wash your hair less, and stay alive more!

Every Zombie Movie Ever

"Always wear running shoes, because you never know when zombies are going to sneak up behind you."

Now, sneakers are not ALWAYS necessary. But I don't mind the advise of incorporating them in now and again. Hopefully you choose the correct day so you're not stuck in heels when zombies attack!

Check out the other amusing tips on The Gloss!

[ Images courtesy of The Gloss ]
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  1. I think I need to be the Bride of Frankenstein for Halloween. Couture-style. Can I pull off black lips and two-tone hair? I think so!