Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Philadelphia Outlets I

I got so much stuff over the weekend, I have to break up my Thrifty Thursday posts!

I have lived in Philadelphia for two years, but have never roamed to the Premium Outlets for a couple of reasons. 1) I had outlets by me in the Poconos and could never find a thing! 2) King of Prussia Mall is so close that I thought it would be unnecessary to go 45 minutes away to check out these outlets.

Boy, was I wrong! I had a blast shopping around the many stores and finding amazing deals in each of them! I had fall and school in mind during this trip, and my purchases definitely reflect that!

I got this super roomy Fred Perry bag from Last Call by Neiman Marcus! It will definitely come in handy for carrying my books around campus, and it's also pretty. The best part? When I went to purchase it, they asked for my email and gave me 35% off! Um, needless to say, I was elated!
This bag was $30 after the sale - can't beat that!

Next, we headed to Express Last Hurrah! This store had incredible sales, but the catch is, you can't return anything or use coupons. I love the way Express button ups fit, so I got both of these for a total of $40! Considering they can cost up to $65 for one, that's a steal!

After checking out the Sony store, I got in the mood to buy a case for my new MacBook Pro. Lucky for me, we headed into Diesel just to look around, and they had awesome little cases for $15! It's simple and chic and perfect for my little computer!

My luck that day didn't run out! Next week, I'll show you more great deals from my big shopping spree!

What purchases did you make this week that you love?

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