Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - ASOS Sale

I'm all about finding cheap clothes for cheap (who isn't!), so I always check the "Sale" section of all of my favorite online stores first. It's good to check often, because stores constantly put new sale items up. Lucky for me, ASOS marked down some great new items, and I got great deals on them!

Now normally, I'm not a fan of short sleeved button ups - because I like the versatility of long sleeves, and sometimes they just look awkward. But these were a really good deal, and I thought the colors were fun so I gave them a go! I'm not disappointed. They fit great!

I also can never pass up a good chunky sweater. They're my winter time staple!

I can't say enough good things about ASOS. They're sizing is pretty true, they're shipping is pretty fast (and free!), and they have awesome sales!

Go to and tell me what you find!

Also...did you find any great sales on your own? Let us know!

[ Images courtesy of ASOS ]
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  1. My guy friend was obsess with the hat you have in your second photos!!!....very cool

    EDGYMIX New Post-Argentina

    1. I love it too! But I could never pull it off. Haha!