Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - A Look For Fall

As I said yesterday, I would give you a little more information on what I was wearing!

Surprise, I went on ASOS and starting buying things again! I just can't pass up a good sale!

Last week, ASOS was having a 20% off sale for their new lines, and I couldn't pass up some of the options! I picked up a few and realized they go really well together.

This is the denim shirt that I was wearing yesterday! I love it a lot! It fits well and it's perfectly blue denim!

I've been craving some brogues recently, and I'm really excited about this pair! They're just good looking! Not the most comfortable, but I'll break them in! :)

How could I pass up $3 glasses? I wear prescription glasses every now and then, but I like the look of "fake" eyeglasses because the lenses on my real glasses make my eyes look smaller than they are; these non prescription lenses, of course, do not. I'll keep them!

I'm glad to see all of these options are still on ASOS in every size! Go pick them up!

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[ Images courtesy of ASOS ]
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  1. Ok those glasses are amazing. I need them. Love your blog!