Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Funday - Anthony Carmen Challenge Results Week 4

It's that time of the week again! My illustrations are here! I got really amazing challenges this week, and I'm pretty happy with my designs as a reflection! Hope I didn't let you guys down!


I loved this challenge a lot! I love the avant garde and dramatics because there really is no limit. Because it is such a broad area, I feel a designer really needs to be careful and not go completely overboard. My inspiration was clearly from the Red Planet and the idea of moving through space. I wanted to stay true to my love of structure and blocking, but still keep it interesting and creative. I'm pretty in love with this look. I like the deconstruction of a structured look, but still maintaining a fun shape. Does it read space and Mars? Not directly - but the inspiration was all there!


This is my first challenge of this kind and I love the idea! I'm often inspired by a single fabric or color - so presenting me with swatches and saying have fun was great! This one was inspired by the colors and image of peacock feathers along with my excitement for my draping class that I'll be starting in a week! I love the idea of taking a bunch of colored fabrics and manipulating them into something beautiful. My idea sewing a bunch of fabrics together and bunching and turning them to create a structured and gorgeous shape! I think this is interesting and really pretty. Very happy with it!


Love this challenge! So immediately when I saw garden party, I thought of an old illustration I did for some fabrics I own. I thought a fun take would be creating a menswear outfit for her pattern to attend the party with her. I started with that similar print and created a formal look. The undersized blazer is a take on a vest and blazer combo. I like the extra peek at the undershirt on the bottom - adding more color. The charcoal gray seems lighter than solid black, so I think it's a decent match - though white may have been better for the blazer with black and white pants. You live and you learn and you play!


Hope you like these looks! And send me more for next week, as always!

Which is your favorite?

This is my first post from my phone - and it's difficult! So, I'll cut it short! :)

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  1. You rock, Anthony! As much that I´ve posted it on my blog :))

    Thankss!! Keep up the good work!


    just JE NE SAIS QUOI

    1. Loved it - thanks SO much!!!! :)

      Glad I didn't disappoint!

  2. I love the design second from the bottom! x