Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Twofer Tuesday- Structured Neutrals with a Touch of Sheen

Structured clothing for women can look masculine or completely office-oriented and boring if it isn't styled correctly. The inspiration for this post today, Mila Kunis, shows us how to style structured pieces in a way that is polished but still nighttime-ready and chic.

Mila's outfit is composed of a blazer, trouser-shorts, and a blouse. This is a simple enough outfit equation. What makes it interesting is the neutral palate that incorporates a little bit of sheen. Neutrals always look so chic when the outfit includes some color or texture.

This is an outfit idea that can be worn through the end of the summer and into the fall. I've found some neutral pieces in the forms of blazers, jackets, shorts, pants, skirts, and blouses; some with sheen and some without; that can be mixed and matched to create an ensemble that looks similar to Mila's.


Get the Look:
Blazer- Glamorous UK

Blouse- Forever 21

Skirt- American Apparel

Lace-Up Flat- Urban OG

Nylon Jacket-American Apparel

Blouse- Victoria's Secret

Shorts- She Inside

Suede Booties- Go Jane

Blazer- American Eagle Outfitters

Oxford Shirt- Old Navy

Skirt- ASOS

Pointed-Toe Wedge- Express

Which piece is your favorite and what would you wear it with?

Elle Michelle
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  1. Great selection! Good job;)

  2. So true its so easy to look boring neutral structured pieces if you don't accessorize it or wear it against something exciting, l love your picks!

  3. Yay for embracing structure! Mixing both organic and structure is ideal, and I love Mila's look! Good finds!

  4. I love the pics, Mixing both should be embraced!

  5. I always get a little sad when I see those pretty blush pinks. They just don't work for those of us with the neon-european-american-see-through-pasty skin. I LOVE seeing them styled on other ladies because it is a neutral that gleams of sophistication. I think your choices really do achieve the look for less in just as polished a way. You're absolutely right about adding a little texture. Those faux snake skin wedges are cute!

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