Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Weekend Trip to Hershey

This past weekend, I went to Hershey and had a blast!

I felt like a diva when we had a driver pick us up... To get a rental car!

My sister lives near Hershey, so we stayed at her place. Meet Marley!

We were going to go tubing on the river, but the weather called for rain, so we went shopping instead! We went to this great farmer's market which had a soup shop! I always wanted to try Borscht, and they had it! It wasn't bad, either! Jack got Dahl, which was soo yummy! And for dessert, my sister, Jeni, bought amazing cookies...which I kept sneaking.



When we got done, we headed to a small festival right near my sister's house.

They had a tractor display and parade type thing there. Yeah... she lives in the country, hahaha.

I won two fish! Apparently I'm really good at throwing ping pong balls into fish bowls? Must be all of that beer pong practice! At least we made a little girl's day when we gave them to her!

I wore a Topman multi colored shirt with my H&M teal shorts and Topman chukka espadrilles! Sorry about the lighting...It was getting dark by the time I realized I didn't get an outfit picture!

The next day, my mom came into town, so we, again, went shopping in the morning! Jack and I had to leave early and head to the Beauty and the Beast musical!! I was so excited. It's my favorite Disney movie and I haven't seen the musical.

Hershey Theatre is gorgeous!

Like a good audience member, I listened when they said not to take pictures! But you should totally see it!! It was amazing. My only issue was that it's inappropriate the sing a long out loud! So on our way to dinner, I had to let it all out!

It was my mom's birthday, so we took her out to dinner on the river. It was nice... until a storm crept in and we had to be taken to shelter during our meal. Mess!

For dessert, we headed to Sweet Frog, which is amazing! They have really low calories frozen yogurt with a bunch of options for toppings!

Mine explains my personality well. All over the place mess!

It was a terrible picture, so I cut my face. Haa! It was a little chilly, so I wore my H&M plain maroon sweater with my H&M linen pants! My green/brown boots are from Topman!

The festival was still going strong that night and let off some nice light!

After going there to gamble some quarters (I know, big spenders!), they ended the festival with a really great firework show! Not bad for a small town!

I'd say that's a nice weekend!

What did you do this week? And what did you wear??

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