Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Magazine Monday- Retro Magazine Covers

There was something about women in the 60s and 70s that made them seem so effortlessly glamorous, so carelessly decadent.  The ladies on the covers of magazines during these decades were never trying too hard to look sexy, or confident, or innocent, or however they were looking. They just WERE sexy, or confident, or innocent.  

I think that maybe the women in fashion during these times (and women in general for that matter) were being liberated, and this is why they appeared so casually beautiful.  Women were finally allowed to be who they really were, without so many stipulations. This translated to the fashion industry. The top models were finally more than clothes hangers, they were women with names at the very top of the industry. And they looked the part:

Which retro fashion magazine cover is your favorite? I truly can't chose! They're all so beautiful-and through imagery, set an example of liberated femininity that we should continue to cherish.

Elle Michele
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  1. No contest. Sofia Loren! Amazing with that turban. Love this flashback - makes me want to take an instagram photo with a 1977 filter!