Monday, July 23, 2012

Magazine Monday - Spotlighting ALLURE August 2012

I've got a good one for you guys, today!

While Allure is more of a beauty magazine, that doesn't stop it from having great and inspiring fashion pictures along with awesome beauty tips. I thought it'd be a nice change of pace, and I found some of the pieces simply fascinating!

The gorgeous Kate Beckinsale covers the Allure issue. While I love the burnt orange dress, again, I'm puzzled as to why there is so much fall fashion on summer issues! Why are they rushing me?? (It's okay, I LOVE fall!) But nonetheless, Beckinsale does look gorgeous!

She also did an awesome spread for the magazine. It's awesomely theatrical, really diverse, and has AMAZING fashion! (Page 130)

GORGEOUS dress; stunning color, amazing structure, so classy!

Shining on the stairs

She really can pull off orange! I feel like that's hard to do, but this suit looks AMAZING on Kate! Plus, how gorg are those accessories? The purse is flawless and is that a pin?? Hot!

Who made this chair structure? Ridiculous! well as that dress, sick!

I'm such a sucker for menswear inspiration...

There was also an awesome bit on Marilyn Monroe beauty tips. It's been 50 years since her death and she's still such an iconic classic beauty; I can't get enough of her movies! I think you'll love these interesting tips! (Page 122):


Her signature and gorgeous look was red lips! Allure has tips for finding your right shade;
Orange-reds: hazel, light brown, and green eyes
True Red: Blue
Berry Shades: Dark Brown


Monroe's gorgeous glow came from her... facial hair?!? Who knew? Her peach fuzz caught the light perfectly and she refused to wax it off! While you don't have to do that, you can use a highlighter in the right places to make your skin glow like Marilyn's!


Marilyn loved Chanel no. 5. What do you love? It's important to test your perfume/cologne by leaving it on your skin for 30 minutes. The scent may change, so if you love it after that trial period, keep it! I think everyone loves when someone who smells good walk by... No?

I hope you found these tips helpful and interesting! You can find more in this great Allure issue! Don't forget to pick it up and check out what else Allure has to offer on their WEBSITE!

[ Images courtesy of ALLURE ]
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