Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Movies, Margaritas, and Fun!

For What I Wore Wednesday (probably my favorite day of the week!!) I decided to document another "Day In The Life Of!"

So, I normally start my day on the computer, and get my blog posts out to everyone early! ..And maybe I play around on Photo Booth a little too.. Diva!

After I got my blogging finished, it was time for the Wimbledon Men's Semi-Finals (thanks ESPN3)! Federer v. Djokovic? Can't beat it! I can't wait for the Olympics! It's like two Wimbledons in one year! Yay!
And of course, I love playing pool on MiniClip!

After that relaxation, Jack and I went to the movies! It's the best place to go around here! It reminds me of my favorite theatre from home, and is $6 for first matinee!

Outfit Alert:::

So, during the day, I wore an H&M basic t-shirt that I dyed! I got that marbled look by folding it up and twisting it and then dipping it in a black dye bath! I love the outcome!! I'm also wearing a white studded belt from Rue 21 and the teal shorts from H&M that I showed last Thrifty Thursday!

Jack wore a light dip dyed teal H&M shirt and Topman brown shorts!

We decided on Savages, which I really enjoyed! It was pretty to watch, and I thought to plot was fun. Blake Lively and Salma Hayek looked soo good throughout! Fashion! I haven't been to the movies in forever, and it was great on such a warm day! We also got carded because it was an R-rated movie, so that was an extra plus!! ;)

After the movies, we headed to this Mexican restaurant that we've never been to, but heard great reviews about! It's called Tamarindo's near Plymouth Meeting, PA!

It was really cute! (There were a lot of people in there, but it was getting near closing time, so it emptied out, just in time to snap a picture!)

They also had the tiniest salt and pepper shakers known to man! Aw! Haha.

What really topped everything off is that this place gives FREE margaritas with your meal! What??? It's unheard of, I know! And they were delicious! And really strong! Perhaps they get people to order more food because they're wasted by the end of the meal? Either way, I loved it!

Molcajete Arrachera


Such a great place! If you're ever in the area, go! I had to take a nap after this!! But, mmm, the mole sauce they made was delicious! I need more ASAP!

We decided to hit the road after napping, and go visit a friend we don't see nearly enough!

Outfit Alert:::

Okay, you really have to forgive me for this picture. It was taken at the end of the night, so I know I look a mess! What do you expect?? Haha!

Anyway, I wore skinny faded gray jeans from H&M and another self dyed button sleeved top from H&M! I dyed this one by fading the shirt in red dye (dipping portions of it longer than others) and then dipping the whole thing in a black dye bath quickly! It took away the blood red that the red dye created, and added a cool contrast all over! I think it came out okay!

Trisha, Jack, and I caught up over drinks at Kildare's in Scranton, PA and enjoyed the bugs and heat on the patio! What a fun day!

What have you been up to??

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  1. Umm I WISH I could have a day like this! Jealous. And love the diy tee btw.

    1. Thanks Zahra!! I'm just starting to appreciate all that Philadelphia has to offer and I've lived here for 2 years! :)

  2. I knew those teal shorts were gonna look fierce! LOVE!

  3. I love your look with teal shorts! The colors you chose.perfect. :) I so wanted to see savages but have not had the chance, maybe I will check it out this weekend. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks so much! I would definitely check it out, it was fun to watch! :)