Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Tennis, Friends, and Lights!

Forget What I Want Wednesday, it’s What I WORE Wednesday from now on!

I documented a day in the life of (when I remembered to take pictures!) and tried to give a personal look at how some of my days go!

I started my day at my mom’s house (I visited after needing a car inspection in the area) and made our dog, Bandit, take a photoshoot… He was clearly over it!

I then quickly left to meet up and play tennis with Jack!

We played at my old University; it has changed so much! I’m so jealous of the new science building!! Why did it have to open the year after I left? Of course.

I wore my self-dyed shirt (H&M Basics) and dark coated denim (H&M) shorts to play. Probably not the most practical, but I didn’t plan on playing and it’s all I packed! This was taken after the match and it was super hot, so… Sorry! (Of course, I won! :D )

I love Jack’s stripped blue and white shorts too! (Modern Amusement)

From there, we went to Jack’s pool to cool down!

But of course, I had to post to the blog while there!

We then went to meet our other friends, catch up over Starbuck’s, meet a cute baby, and pick up some essentials at Target! Well… sort of…

I headed to meet up with Elle, after a long hiatus from each other! We checked in at our hotel and the party began!

I was wearing an Express black and white checkered button up, H&M mustard pants, and gray high tops!

We took some pictures, had a mixers, and went on our way… Very safely!

Okay, maybe not really, but we were not paying for a taxi to take us 0.16 miles, what do we look like, divas?

It was so good seeing Elle! We had fun drinking, dancing, chatting, playing in lights…and ending up at a drag show! What a night!

I know there aren’t very great outfit pictures, but it’s my first crack at this thing! I’ll get better, I swear!

Show us what you’re doing AND wearing today!


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