Friday, July 27, 2012

Freaky Friday - Rosemary's Baby

I'm a huge fan of old films - especially horror films! When I thought about a good freaky Friday post, I wanted to incorporate my love of horror films into it! What fits the mold better than Rosemary's Baby? I LOVE this film!

Mia Farrow is stunning in this movie. And of course, she really put pixie cuts on the map with this one! (Which I love!) Check out the trailer from 1968!

That neckline and those pants are AMAZING!! Making a complete one color look so chic.
The devil is made!

What a perfectly colored (and eerie) scene!

These still are so beautiful, and I love Roman Polanski's direction and imagery throughout the film. It's just gorgeous to watch with an awesomely devilish plot!

I LOVE Freaky Friday!


Ooh, and check out this awesome analysis of the movie from a great blog, Clothes on Film!

Also, if you're into film or philosophy, check out my friend Art's smart blog, A Better Whirlpool!


What's your favorite old horror film? And send us stills of any fashionable moments in them!

Happy Birthday shout out to my mom! So fitting because from my parents, I grew my love of all things horror!

[ Images courtesy of YouTube , ClothesOnFilm , Rosemary's Baby ]
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  1. Ah! I quite enjoyed this post. I think it would be very interesting to do more posts on fashion in film--giving more focus to the semiotics aspect of clothing. Smart filmmakers will use costuming as a kind of visual shorthand for characterization. Here's an example of such an analysis of how clothing can be used to enhance characterization in the Iranian film "A Separation"--with the specific focus on contrasting the two styles of clothes worn by two women in a repressive Islamic culture:

    There are lots of famous examples of good film costuming, but might I recommend the ridiculously fantastic costuming in the under-appreciated "House of Flying Daggers"? It's rare that fashion (and, for that matter, fabric) is so gloriously interwoven into a film's storytelling:

  2. I love how Mr. "Frechen" wrote about analyzing costuming in films, and I wrote "why is Mia Farrow so fierce?"...Did I ever go to school for English? hahaha

  3. Great post! Mia is gorgeous x