Monday, July 30, 2012

Magazine Monday - Men's Summer Style with Complex

Complex Magazine is a great place for young men's fashion. I came across a recent article with 12 different personalities style tips for the summer! I thought it was great to take different perspectives on style and combine them all to create your own!


Michael Bastian

"Summer dressing is all about how little you can wear and still look pulled together."

That's exactly right! He recommends a dress shirt with shorts, dress shoes, and a great pair of sunglasses! I think it's a classic and chic look for the summer - maybe a little stuffy, but it still looks good!

Tommy Ton of Jak and Jil

"Summer dressing is really about stripping down to just the basics."

This is completely my mentality! I try to keep it simple and pump it up with either patterns or colors. Ton recommends nicely cut shorts with a semi-fitted t-shirt, and sunglasses for attitude! He also doesn't approve of sandals or flip-flops - and neither do I!

Matthew Henson (Complex Market Editor)

"Keep it simple, and pay attention to the details."

Henson says there is no need to to wear a blazer when it's 90 degrees... And obviously I agree! Let's be real; we need to be comfortable and sweat is never a good look! Be comfortable and cool - and then you're set! He recommends a plaid or lightweight oxford shirt with khakis or jeans. Sneakers or simple light shoes are great to pair with it. It's all about being relaxed!

Nick Wooster, JCPenney Creative Director

"Any trimmer, shorter, slimmer bathing suit makes every body type look better on the beach."

Wooster recommends a trim and tailored bathing suit with a clean waist and a slim leg opening. Elastic waistbands are a definite no-no and can be unforgiving. Fun patterns and colors are perfect for the beach! Fun, summery, and makes your body look better? Nice!


You can check out more tips on Complex's website! And other great tips for men's style!

What tips do you have/love for the rest of the summer?

[ Images courtesy of Complex Magazine ]
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  1. I totally agree with the quote. Nice blog, the first men's fashion blog I've seen and it's great! I followed.

    1. We have men's and women's fashion on Anthony & Elle. A little bit of everything, for everyone! :) <3 Elle